#lamleyhype: The Auto World ’69 Chevy Kingswood Estate “Lead Sled” Wagons may be the best two 1/64 models of 2017.

There are a lot of “bests” in 2017.  Obviously that doesn’t make a ton of sense, as “best” can really only be one thing.  Maybe I can call 2017 one of the “best” years for 1/64 diecast.  The year isn’t over, so when it is I will try and make sense of all the awesomeness that has come out this year.

But one thing I do know.  When considering what is the Best of 2017, the upcoming Auto World ’69 Chevy Kingswood Estate “Lead Sled” Hobby Exclusives will in the running.  Two wagons, both brilliant:

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Even without producing one new casting in 2017, Auto World has had a monster year.  They seem to be having a little more fun.  Models like the Ford GT40 stand out, and they have been having some fun with models like the Color Swatch Plymouth and some creative Hobby Exclusives.

It all culminates with these two wagons.  Take a popular casting, the Kingswood, and create a replica of an obscure racing car from the 70’s, and a drag wagon to boot.  Then go one step further and do your own take on the Lead Sled, creating an all-black sporty version.


I cannot tell you how cool these are.  I hope the video and photos do some justice, but ultimately you need these in hand.  They are a pair, and related, but both are just killer models for different reasons, and I can’t figure out which one I like better.


The Lead Sled because of the nostalgic look and pure Americana, or the black wagon for its sporty looks and wheels?  I’ll call it a tie.  And happily add both to the collection.

There is more coming with this model, including full photo features, possibly along with the Ultra Red.  I cannot get enough of this pair.  So here are two more photos, with another “Best of 2017”, the Nissan Atlas Hauler by Tomica Limited Vintage.


6 Replies to “#lamleyhype: The Auto World ’69 Chevy Kingswood Estate “Lead Sled” Wagons may be the best two 1/64 models of 2017.”

  1. Does the Lead Sled have a more race inspired motor or is it the same as the others?

    Definitely great models. AW all makes amazing models. The quality and detail can’t be touched, and they still manage to keep them in $6 price range!

  2. They’re both awesome, but the black one is just off the charts. It’s crazy to say it, but it bests the regular Kingswood, which is a very high bar indeed.

  3. Not my brand only because their off in size to everything I have been collecting. These are awesome I have to agree KILLER! And what’s more as great as the Sled is the black on black is the cream of the crop.
    This model has special meaning for me. It brings back more of my childhood. I remember going to my aunts and they had more than one of these. Riding in the back looking out the back window with the seat flipped. Some great memories. My cousin loved the car so much he would get them right up til the last one that Chevy produced.
    Anyway I wish they were just a bit smaller. This would look so great next to MBs Vista Cruiser!

  4. I didn’t take a chance at missing out on these, as I think they will be next to impossible to find at the retail stores. Was able to get them for $7.99 apiece on eBay. Looks to be a pre-order , as shipping is delayed. I won’t regret paying a little more for these, I love them both and can’t wait to bust them out of their packs!

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