As things go dark today, here is a sinister McLaren P1 by Hot Wheels.

In case you hadn’t heard, there is an eclipse today.  I think it is dubbed the “Great American – DON’T LOOK AT THE SUN!!!!!!! – Eclipse”.

I really should have planned ahead and dug deep into my storage and found a Matchbox or Hot Wheels Mitsubishi Eclipse to feature.  But I didn’t plan ahead.  I have been to busy planning to look at the sun.  Or NOT!?!  Shit, I can’t remember!  I’ll go watch the local news again.

Instead, to celebrate the 90% darkness we will experience here in Salt Lake City, I will feature a very dark, and very cool, new release from Hot Wheels.  The latest McLaren P1, paired with the F1 GT-R in the Then & Now sub-series.

I don’t have the strongest opinion about the McLaren P1.  Like I would describe most supercars, they are awesome to look at, and fun to learn about, but they aren’t as interesting as other cars.  So I typically grab one or two of a supercar casting and call it a day.  But I keep adding the P1 releases.  They have all been clean so far.  Cool colors, front and rear graphics, nice wheels.  I would have preferred the same sized wheels, but the casting is still nice.

And with the possible exception of the premiere release in orange, nothing tops this black-with-red-trim release, especially paired with its “then” counterpart, the F1 GT-R.


So there, a sinister car for a sinister two minutes of eclipse.  I shall now go and burn holes into my retinas.




5 Replies to “As things go dark today, here is a sinister McLaren P1 by Hot Wheels.”

  1. Happy eclipse day and nice comparison of the McLaren P1’S and the McLaren F1 GTR congrats thumbs up. I will be on the hunt for the new McLaren P1 thumbs up.

  2. Maybe MB should have done a Eclispe 2017 like they did Haleys Comet.

    Form the Path of Totality in Missouri. It was pretty cool.

  3. Nice castings, but spoilt as usual by a stupid looking oversized rear wheel and the reason why I avoid some Hot Wheels and instead spend my money elsewhere.

  4. The newest P1 is certainly a winner, but I think it still comes in fifth place for me personally…I think it would have been more effective in black over black instead, and I think the 10-spokes work better than the PR5s, but honestly I can’t complain about a cleanly-decorated licensed supercar in the lineup.

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