Case Report: Hot Wheels Pop Culture Mad Magazine

Hot Wheels Pop Culture Mad Magazine at Wheel Collectors

I have two Pop Culture models in my collection.  Two.  To say Pop Culture isn’t my thing is very accurate.  I am more about the cars than the characters on them.

The two I have?  The Grateful Dead VW Panel and the Starburst Dodge A100.  Because they both look like vehicles I would see on the road.

The size of my Pop Culture collection is set to double.  Hot Wheels has released the Mad Magazine Pop Culture set, and after seeing it, I MUST have the Spy vs Spy set.  I must.


Wheel Collectors just got it in today, and was nice enough to give us a Case Report.  All the models are available at their store:

Hot Wheels Pop Culture Mad Magazine at Wheel Collectors

There are some neat models, and I think all will be musts for the Pop Culture collectors.  But that Spy vs Spy set.  Wow.  Designer Steve Vandervate is behind this pair, and I love that they went with the pair of Dodge A100’s for each.  A feature is most definitely in order.

Here it is:


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  1. Those new mad magazine pop culture car’s coming out are all awesome. I will be on the hunt for all 5 of those thumbs up.

  2. With the exception of the Beatles set, I don’t think I’ve ever wanted a whole set of Pop Culture…just isn’t my thing. I’ll be pleased if I can come away with the pair of Dodge vans here though…those are killer. Something tells me those will be the hardest to find though.

    On the subject of slammed vans…John, have you seen any of the lowered Ford Econoline vans M2 has been releasing? I’d love to see those in a feature. They may have done more, but I have three I picked up recently…passenger models in dark metal-flake blue, and matte red, and a panel van in matte gunmetal. They look great alongside the Hot Wheels Dodge A100s.

    1. Are you kidding? The same garbage castings used over and over and over. So tired of them. Not even worth buying the spy vs spy pair.

  3. Yeah, I’m mainly interested in the Dodge A100s but I’ll probably pick up that Alfred E. Newman Chevy Nova Delivery wagon, since that’s a casting I don’t have many examples of with a metal chassis and Real Riders (well, only the Spiderman one, actually) and something about the way the miniaturized version of the magazine cover painting looks on the body reminds me weirdly of the Norman Rockwell Saturday Evening Post wave from the very first year of Nostalgia/Pop Culture, back when Hot Wheels got a little more esoteric with their licensing choices in the line and it wasn’t overwhelmingly superheroes, cartoon characters, and other big money franchises of the sort that also get Funko Pop vinyl monstrosities and overpriced Lego kits (still 2/3rds of what was in the line in 2011/2012, I know, but there was just a touch more variety in the line 5 years ago).

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