Lamley Unboxing: 2017 Hot Wheels International P Case

The run of great Hot Wheels cases continues.

3 Replies to “Lamley Unboxing: 2017 Hot Wheels International P Case”

  1. Expecting to see the RX7 and Civic showcases soon! Don’t like the black Porsche, looks tacky with the blue wheels. Also surprised that the Huayra showed up in this case after debuting two batches ago. Haven’t found that yet.

  2. Those New P Case mainline hotwheels coming out are all awesome. I will be on the hunt for all of those thumbs up.

  3. Talk about loaded! This case is busting at the seams! So many great cars that I’ll be going after. Porsche 934.5 and 356, Lamborghini Huracan (is it pronounced or-a-con?), McLaren F1, Ford GT, Mercedes GT, Nissan GT-R, Honda Civic Type R and HF, both Mazda RX-7s, as well as the Datsun 620, Ford Fiesta and of course the just-for-fun Street Wiener! Awesome case!

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