Here are a couple of Hot Wheels US Case Unboxings, and a first.

When I can, I like to do Hot Wheels US Case unboxings, just to compare with the International cases.  Typically the International cases are what ships first, and that is what you see when I do case reports and unboxing videos.  The US cases come afterwards.

Sometimes the US cases are exactly the same as the International, other times very different.  Most of the time in between.  But it is always interesting to see.  So here are the Hot Wheels L and M cases, as provided by A&J Toys.

Oh, and a first for my unboxing videos.  I bet you can figure out what that is.

6 Replies to “Here are a couple of Hot Wheels US Case Unboxings, and a first.”

  1. Barring the new licensed models the rest in both these cases are saving me money! All the stuff that really has nothing to do with cars and the OVER RECYCLED STUFF is just disappointing and really is making me lose interest in HWs. I skim so quick in the store because there is so much junk (imo) that it is pointless. The models I want aren’t there and if they their burried. What is going on at HWs? Seems they gave up on putting out good stuff! Maybe it’s me but whatever. There’s always MBX and now Majorette.

  2. Awesome unboxing videos congrats thumbs up. I like and I love all of these new hotwheels coming out thumbs up. I will be collecting hotwheels for the rest of my life thumbs up.

  3. Too many plastic rubbish in these two batches, at least there are some nice real cars – this is what we need more real, less tat… and definitely less crappy paint jobs

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