Auto World returns to the land yacht wagons with the upcoming 1976 Buick Estate Wagon.

You know one of the benefits of doing a blog like this for so long?  People know what you like.  So last week I got an email from Chad at Auto World telling me to check the AW Facebook Page.  He thought I might like what I saw.

So I looked.  And Chad was right.  Ear-to-ear smile.  Auto World is working on this:


This is an early prototype of the 1976 Buck Estate Wagon.  A wagon I presume will join the preview AW Wagons, the Ford Country Squire and Chevy Kingswood Estate, in all their wood-paneled glory.  And this one is massive.  It has to be with AW’s dedication to


There are a million reasons I have grown into a massive fan of Auto World.  Their dedication to big American wagons is one of the main reasons.  I grew up in them, as did many in my generation, and seeing these in small scale is truly TRULY dreamy.  Auto World can release 100 different versions of this one.  I will want them all.

From the Auto World post:

This one’s BIG! Here’s the FIRST LOOK at what we’ve been working on for the new Auto World True 1:64 tooling! Many of you have let us know how much you love the 1:64 wagons and we’ve heard you loud and clear! This tooling is one of our largest in 1:64 and includes variations allowing us to make the Estate in 1974, ‘75, and ‘76 models! Expect to see more updates on this tool later on this year! Have a great 4th everyone!

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  1. Oh sweet Jesus…can’t even describe how excited I am for this.

    And I would like to say…there’s nothing in my past that should logically explain my love for station wagons…I did not grow up with them (my family always had a minivan) and my formative years were the early ’90s, so I shouldn’t have any attachment to something like this, but dammit I really do. The Kingswood is one of my faves, and this is bound to be right up there with it.

    This was the family vehicle I grew up in, and I gotta say I’d love it if Mattel made one of these:

    I’m sure Tomica has done one, but a Hot Wheels version would be killer

  2. This should be epic in many ways. I just hope the roof pillars don’t appear so fat on the production model.

  3. LOL, evanmccausland I am with you on that!!! My parents had a “cranberry” (dark red) ’73 that they owned forever. I always liked that car, even when it seemed to become a dinosaur. Fact is, I read the Custom Cruiser in all its fancy glory weighs a few hundred pounds LESS than a current Tahoe. CRUISE ON, BABY!!!

    (I’d love to see Auto World or Greenlight do more 1970’s cars. It’s the ones many collectors remember from their youth, and until these companies focused on these gems, they were ignored. I would love to see some GM “Colonnade” cars, especially a 1973 Laguna, or even better, a Laguna WAGON!!!!!) If Auto World is making modular vehicles as this Estate Wagon will be available as a ’76, ’75, or ’74, the midsized 1970’s GM wagons could probably have the same treatment. Oh, the possibilities!!!!!!!!!

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