Here is the 2018 Hot Wheels Nissan Skyline R33 GT-R

Oh, those before-the-weekend drops from the Hot Wheels Design Team:

The R33 joins the R34, R32, soon-to-come DR30, soon-to-come C210, C110, C10, and soon-to-come C10 Wagon.  Wow, that is a lot.

This one is beautiful in blue.  Designed by Ryu Asada, it has a beautiful stock look to it.  A most-welcome addition.  Look for it in the 2018 Basic Range.

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  1. That new Nissan skyline R33 GT-R coming out is awesome. I will be on the hunt for this one in 2018 thumbs up.

  2. So beautiful! But it just shouldn’t have those -sometimes – misplaced headlight tampos. It’ll only be something to worry about.

    1. If you happen to buy a model with misplaced tampos (any kind of tampos) a bit of nail polis remover on a cotton bud will take it right off. Just be careful because it can also go right through the top coat into the paint, but 1-2 passes is usually enough for me to get headlamp tampos off. Sometimes no tampo is better than a bad tampo (or you can do what I do and add your own lights, especially if you like the smoked light look cos then you can literally just use a sharpie lol)

  3. Decent casting and I know there is a large contingency of modern JDM (correct acronym?) fans but that thing is a yawn fest. Personal opinion of course but stick this next to that Lexus that HotWheels made back in the mid-90s and it looks about as impressive. It screams more Matchbox than HotWheels to me, from the 5 stars to the monochrome paint scheme. The headlights are about the only thing detail wise that makes this one appealing.

    The one thing that doesn’t translate well with castings with low cockpit profiles is when they incorporate a full window compliment. What I mean is that with the side windows being added there is a bending of the light that shows too much plastic in the side profile. It’s a trick of the eye I’m sure but it just looks funny to me. If they left the side windows open this one would look a lot better to me. Then you could even see interior detail better, which is why I’m sure they don’t do it this way!

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