The tremendous Hot Wheels L Case Zamacs, photographed.

I don’t photograph every batch of Hot Wheels Walmart Exclusive Zamacs, but this latest one I did.  I even did a video on them (and others):

It is a Zamac assortment that definitely deserves it.  To me, it is the epitome of why I love the Zamacs.  I collect them for two main reasons.  The first reason is easy: Because they just look really good.


Unpainted models are not cool just because they are unpainted.  The raw look works, but these models would look just unfinished without anything else.  That is why raw (and with a finishing coat) with deco makes these look finished.  And some decos just look better than others.  The black and grey flames on the ’32 Ford make that one of the best looking Zamacs Hot Wheels has done.  Same goes for the Porsche.

The other reason I collect them is that the Zamacs give me a nice cross section of the Hot Wheels castings being used at the moment.  Surely some of my favorite castings are used, but there are many that I don’t collect, and keeping the Zamacs mean I have at least one.  The ’32 Ford is once again a great example.  I don’t have any in my collection, until now.

I am now up-to-date on the Walmart Zamacs from 2013 on.  This trio is one of their best releases.


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  1. Luckily, I was able to find this set yesterday. Despite what I looked through was already ravaged, someone was still nice enough to leave me a complete set! The Porsche is my favorite!

  2. I like and I love the zamacs. I found this set last week at my Walmart thumbs up. I have most of the zamacs. I’m still missing some of them though.

  3. This ZAMAC batch was one that caught me completely by surprise…I had no idea what was in the batch, but just about fell over when I saw the Porsche. The 911 and the Ferrari F12 are easily two of the best ZAMACs ever done (nice, clean deco). I was also VERY pleasantly surprised by the look of the ’32 Ford. The black & gray flames coupled with the all-black wheels make for an insanely cool, sinister look. This ZAMAC ’32 Ford makes 3 in my collection total…Also have the yellow one from Boulevard, and the one from Cars of the Decades.

    The Mustang is a little shouty (wish they hadn’t done the windows in green) but still picked one up because this is pretty much the only series I”m a completist of.

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