Tarmac Works is quickly becoming a major player in 1/64. Hopefully you are paying attention.


If you aren’t paying attention to Tarmac Works out of Hong Kong, you really should.  I was perusing Facebook tonight and did a bit of a deep dive into their Facebook Page, and wow, it is almost overwhelming.  They not only have some amazing models coming out, but some big pieces of news as well, like this collaboration:


Tarmac does larger scales as well, but it seems they have put a ton into 1/64, which is good for us.  They have developed two lines – Hobby64 and Global64.  Hobby64 are the ultra-premium models, and the Global64 models are cheaper in price and aimed at worldwide audience.  I will be previewing some models from each line in the coming weeks, but after looking at all the stuff coming, I thought I would say something right now.  Below is a smattering of what is coming, including some of the Greenlight collaborations.  You should definitely pay attention to these guys.




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    1. So, in order for diecast to be “a major player,” they have to only be available in stores. Kyosho and Tomica are only sold in stores overseas and they’re major players. Tomica used to be available in the US, but not anymore. Just because they’re not sold in stores, doesn’t mean they’re not major players.

  1. They make awesome cars but it’s so hard to get your hands on them. Hopefully as their popularity grows they will be easier to come by. I have a few of the civics and am waiting for the Mitsubishi realeases. Great quality and detail.

  2. The Honda’s were great. The first Audi R8″s were pretty good but could have been better. I am jazzed to see more from them.

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