The Lamley Group Blog turns 5 this month. It got an upgrade for its birthday.

So, here on the last day of May, I should probably acknowledge that the Lamley Group Blog turned 5 this month.  It’s actual birthday was a few weeks ago, but May is the month.

It is honestly strange to think this little project I started on a whim has gone strong for five years now.  It has gone through its share of changes, and definitely evolved.  But no matter what its incarnation, I still try and make it as much about the joy of collecting as I can.

At one point I never thought I would do videos.  Now I do.  I used to show pics of leaked cars.  Now I don’t.  (That remains the most important decision I have made related to the blog.)  My photos have evolved, hopefully for the better.  And, as can happen when a few people read your blog, I have my share of haters.  It can only be taken as a source of pride.

Of course over the five years I have met a plethora of cool folks.  From my Lamley Partners to folks that work at the various diecast manufacturers, to the most important people in this endeavor, you Lamley readers.  I am lucky to have formed some strong friendships all over the world that I will value forever.

But through all that, with the goods and bads, I only do this blog because I enjoy it.  I thoroughly enjoy this hobby, and writing about these goofy toys is how I experience it.  I like sharing my excitement for a new model, or showcasing an old favorite in the collection.  There have been times I just want to hang it up, but ultimately I come back because I enjoy it.

So the Lamley Blog will keep going, as long as I like doing it.  When the time comes that I don’t, I will walk away.  I don’t think that time is coming anytime soon.

The first photo from the first Lamley feature.

So, to celebrate the blog’s 5-year anniversary, I decided to give it some of the upgrades I have wanted to do for a long time.  Let’s be honest, the old blog was U-G-L-Y.  I literally started the Lamley blog in a matter of minutes 5 years ago.  I decided I wanted a place to put my diecast photos, so I googled “blog” and 15 minutes later the Lamley Group Blog was online.  I knew nothing – and still don’t know much – but went from there.  The blogger platform allowed me to post my photos and features, but it never looked how I wanted it to look.

The new mobile look


So I finally bit the bullet and changed the platform to WordPress, and the blog looks so much better, ESPECIALLY on mobile, where half of you read it.  There is more content on the front page, so I can post more news in between features, and things don’t get buried so quickly.  The search function and menu bar up top make it easier to do a dive into past content.  So it looks better, and it functions better.  The feedback so far has been totally positive, and I hope all of you find the experience of reading Lamley a ton better.

I also upgraded my office to make the videos look a little more vibrant, and have been experimenting with a new photo style to go with the standard white-to-black style I have always used.  Mixing things up is always a good thing.


So yeah, I like photographing and writing about little cars, and I am thankful many of you enjoy visiting this passion project.  I will keep trying to do the best I can.

Thanks for making this so fun for the last 5 years.  Here’s to 5 more.


16 Replies to “The Lamley Group Blog turns 5 this month. It got an upgrade for its birthday.”

  1. Though I’ve been only interested in diecast cars for the past 2 years, I’ve found your blog to be very thoughtful and well written for us enthusiasts who just like to be updated on all brands of diecasts. It’s pretty much easy to find your blog on top of all the other ones while searching up about a particular diecast car on Google search results. Thank you for featuring most of everything that I want to see in well shot photos and updating this blog very frequently. I hope more basic Tomicas would be featured in the future. Cheers1

  2. It’s better now in the respect that I don’t have to load EVERY SINGLE REPETATIVE PICTURE that’s posted. Fewer pix gets the point across. Not hating, just stating.

  3. I know how much goes into maintaining a site of your own and how sometimes the desire isn’t always there… even with how much fun this hobby can be. With that said, I appreciate the constant stream of thoughtful articles you produce and that collectors can always rely on great, reliable information — and of course your way of showcasing vehicles, “The Lamley Way”, with high-quality photography that is often enticing just to view.

  4. I’ve been following your blog for maybe 3 years now…only recently started commenting regularly, but I have always enjoyed the blog and I hope it continues going strong. It’s a nice antidote to all the shitty news coming from other corners of the internet.

  5. Every single day I come and read your blog, your new posts. Sometimes I download pictures of some models hoping that I’ll get them someday…Continue with the nice work. I will be following.

  6. Happy Birthday Lamely !! I only have a handful in my bookmarks and your there , and the only one I have a look see everyday . For many years I only collected Matchbox but after discovering your blog ,it encouraged me to branch out ( just a bit ) . For the most part , we have similar tastes , and I have been swayed more than once by your terrific photos . Thanks for all the hard work John .

  7. I’ve been here on and off for 3 years
    I’m glad you don’t leak photos of unreleased cars anymore
    Kinda kills the excitement for when its officially unveiled

  8. Only on planet Earth can a guy start a blog about something as innocent as toy cars and end up with “haters.”

    Keep up the fantastic work.

  9. Awesome Birthday/Anniversary John!

    I remember that exact year when I started going full bore into the die-cast hobby and stumbled this “Lamley Group”. I first thought it was some site consisting of an obscure, exclusive entity for a just a few, but it was nothing of the sort.
    It is this site that helped fuel the passion and desire for die-cast collecting for enthusiasts like myself! I read this everyday.

    Keep up the great work because we all love our go-to spot for latest stuff and of course your insight into this world we indulge in.
    Thanks so much for all you do!

  10. I think I have been stopping by nearly from the beginning. I’m sure I discovered you from a mention on HWC. Have loved your site. I’m proud of the fact that you published my photos of mine. You acknowledged that you didn’t care for the nostalgia series but you appreciated my photos of pillsbury product cars. Cheerios flour etc. where I photographed the product with the car. Here’s to as many more years as you want to do. I’ll be there. John F

  11. I’m so glad you do what you do. I enjoy visiting this site every day and have for almost 5 years. And just like playboy, I was drawn in by the pics and stayed for the articles. :p
    On a serious note, you make a lot of people happy sharing your passion. Yeah, they’re just toys, but they remind us all of our youth and innocence every time we hold one. Thanks John.

  12. Many thanks for all you do, I truly appreciate it and give Lamley credit for helping me add some killer pieces to my collection. Here’s to 5 more years!

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