These 1/18 scale AutoART models not only make me giddy, but make for the perfect car nerd office decor.

I will be honest, this not a good video.  But the models in this video most definitely are.  I was not prepared for how good these two 1/18 scale AutoART models look.  They literally left me speechless.  And that is the extent of the video.  Me not having the slightest idea of how to describe how awesome these models are.

The story behind these:

When I finished my office remodel a few weeks ago, there was some space on a side cabinet as you enter my office that needed something.  Considering there was most certainly a car theme with all the 1/64 on the walls, I thought a larger model on the space would look good.  I have a 1/18 scale Ferrari LaFerrari that bburago sent me awhile ago, so I tired it out in that space.  It looked awesome.


As much as I liked the Ferrari there, it didn’t reflect my tastes as much as other models might.  So I went looking for a 1/18 scale option to take its place.  That took me to Model Citizen Diecast, and one model absolutely positively stuck out.  The Wangan Midnight “Blackbird” Porsche 911 (930) Turbo.  Well, that and the Wangan Midnight Nissan Fairlady “Devil Z”.

I couldn’t decide on which to get, and considering both are replicas of the battling duo from the Wangan Midnight serial in Japan, I felt it made sense – or it was necessary – to get both.  So I did.  The result is that video.



The Porsche has taken its spot at the office entrance, and the Z is on my desk.  These weren’t cheap, but holy cow are they worth it.  I am hoping to give both the proper photo treatment, and that will come.  For now, you can listen to me stare at them.

(These are available at Model Citizen Diecast if anyone is interested:

Call this a plug or call it what you want, but Patrick at MCD is a good dude, and my experience purchasing from them was great.)

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