Here is another sealed Hot Wheels 2013 Boulevard Unboxing.


So maybe I am having too much fun opening old Boulevard cases, but it is a trip to see these sealed cases full of models that have in many ways defined Hot Wheels collecting since.


I opened three cases, starting with the legendary L Case, which I posted over the weekend.  Soon I will post the P Case.  For now, enjoy the N Case, and don’t be sure to check out the Boulevard Sale at Wheel Collectors:

Hot Wheels Boulevard Sale at Wheel Collectors

Enjoy the video.


2 Replies to “Here is another sealed Hot Wheels 2013 Boulevard Unboxing.”

  1. It’s funny, but I had no trouble finding these on the pegs…I know some people had a tough time, but there were actually a few occasions that I saw the GT LM and the Astro hanging around. I’m thankful to have gotten this whole batch, and I’m a fan of each and every one. I still marvel that Hot Wheels had the balls to make a freakin’ Chevy Astro DRAG VAN. I love it, I really think it’s a kind of dark horse in the lineup. I know the amount of metal on it means it’s really only for the premium lines, but I’d like to see more Astros. And I don’t mean the pop culture lineup, because I know they did one in pop culture.

    ANYWAY, a nice case. Thankful to have one of each (all DLM’ed, of course)

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