Lamley Unboxing: Opening a 2017 Hot Wheels K Case

It has been awhile since I did a Hot Wheels Basic Unboxing, but I think we are back on track.

I mixup means I haven’t provided a J Case Unboxing or Case Report, but if I can I will.  Maybe on a US Case.  But thanks to A&J Toys the K Case has arrived, and the unboxing is below:

This case doesn’t leave me terribly excited, but a dud case is allowed.  It happens.  I don’t think Hot Wheels has my old mug in their minds when putting together an assortment.

I will also try and figure out the Blade Raider mystery as well.  Sherlock Holmes hat is on and I am ready to go.

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  1. I'm not exactly as bummed as you–the Z06 and ZL1 are incredible–it's that THEY HAVEN'T GOTTEN AROUND TO SHOWING THE HUAYRA ROADSTER YET!!!

    As you can see, I am impatient.

  2. Is there a specific reason for the Super TH's shortage or is it a Mattel/HW strategy to sell more? I've been very consistent hitting newly arrived shipments in my local Wal-Mart's (about 5 of them, plus Market ones), Target, TRU, bargain stores, etc., and not a single one. I've spoke with many collectors in my area and they haven't got to a single one either. I order from AAJ and not a single STH yet in any of the boxes. That tells me it is not an isolated occurrence… anyone experiencing the same, or any inside info?

  3. Pretty middle-of-the-road case in my opinion…nothing that gets my heart pounding too much, although I'm looking forward to the Z06 recolor and the ZL1. Already have the slammed VW pickup (it's awesome) and the new GT (which doesn't have any door damage like a lot seem to, so that's nice). A few holes to fill in, but I'm not in any kind of rush.

  4. Word on the playyard is that a factory worker has been hoarding them and selling on eBay. Haha jk. I don't know about $th availability. Its painful enough to just find mainline stuff… energy left to even think about $th.

  5. I'm glad most people dont like the fantasy cars saw a few in this case i like.The ones that don't like the fantasy cars leave them on the pegs i will be happy to add them to my collection.

  6. SAVING MONEY! There was a time I would hunt down every new model(FE) that was coming NOW, there is nothing to rush for. MBX still apparently having distribution issues so no rush to get out there to the stores. I know for a fact that the new licensed models are flying off the pegs. I go to the stores and the pegs have only the junk is sitting or models that collectors are tired of picking up. It is really overkill what HWs is putting out. The problem is people are buying the new stuff, I guess because their trying to complete the new models(FE). So I guess we're sentenced to these crappy models that come out. Was in Wal-Mart yesterday just checked both brands MBX was just about empty and HWs had a fairly new and plentiful case on the pegs. I came out with two HWs and one MBX. I said this about Mattel before and I'll say it again, they have absolutely no marketing stradegy. They just send it and hope it sells. It's the same with the premium lines to imo. We the consumers can go into a retailer and see exactly what no one is buying. I even see the Beatles line sitting. This imo is one reason lines don't continue. If they keep recycling the same castings their going to sit! That is common sense, need body needs or even wants 50 of the same casting. The premiums are mostly licensed models and instead of them digging into archive castings they just do the latest casts over and over. It's a recipe for failure! As far as THs $THs a non issue for myself they are good trade bait but that's it for me. I have tons of early models packed away. I remember how the resale prices were then and what they are now. It's ridiculous, unless your chasing the entire set (which is nearly impossible) their not worth the chase. That said it's always cool to find one in wild but I haven't chased in years and I'm happier for it……

  7. I agree. This case is a bit of a dud overall. I do however really like the Corvette, Camaro and Ford GT. I will definitely be tracking those down. The Hot Wheels Race Team 180 SX and Fiesta are also nice.

  8. I blame the people that go to the HW conventions. They have DIRECT access to ask the HW team why they keep churning out generic or recycling the newer castings over and over and over and over. Instead, they’re all hooting and hollering over everything the HW team reveals. Does anyone at HW even read this site and the plentiful comments from frustrated collectors? The only fellow that seems to be in love with generics is this Kyle Lang person and HW seems to be bending over backwards catering to his needs.

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