Auto World & MiJo Exclusives unveil four upcoming Ford exclusives

Prepare for a big summer from Auto World.  2017 Release 2 is going to be a big one, and now MiJo Exclusives has announced four upcoming models.  And they look fantastic.
You might be familiar with MiJo Exclusives through their Greenlight Nissan GT-R Gulf and Police releases earlier this year and last, as well as the M2 Machines VW Double Cab Camper releases.  There have been a other exclusives with several diecast manufacturers, and many more to come.  Most are announced on the MiJo Facebook page.
What has caught my attention are the four Auto World exclusives.  Two Mustangs and two classic Ford GT40’s.  Auto World has both castings in Release 2, each in two colors.  And now add two new colors of each released as MiJo Exclusives.

That isn’t all.  MiJo posted the Ultra Red Chase Ford GT40 on Instagram today, and were also nice enough to share exclusive photos of the Ford Mustangs and the Ultra Red for Lamley readers.

Auto World is a hard brand to ignore, and I am all in.  That makes these models must-haves.  Look for them this summer.

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  1. Wait, the Gulf GT40 is going to be an exclusive? I won't be buying one, then. I was really looking forward to finding it at retail and only now do we find out it's an exclusive. Not cool, Auto World. Not cool.

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