Lamley Showcase: Opening some classic Hot Wheels 2009/2010 Muscle

I had myself a “back in time” opening party, going all muscle from about 7-8 years ago.  Strange to think, but I think this era from Hot Wheels goes a little underappreciated.

Look at the colors, the cleanliness of the decos, and most importantly, the choices.  The “Last Muscle Golden Age” at Hot Wheels?  I need to find more.

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  1. I remember when muscle cars had nice wheels and plain colours
    Before Mattel decided to spray decals on them

    Look at the 2012 supers
    71 Challenger 73 Falcon XB
    And my favourite
    67 Chevelle SS 396

    Simple but beautiful

  2. If only their listening Trent. I find myself respecting JDM more and more but muscle, hot rod and drag racing is what defined HWs. Not to mention these are most likely the cars that drew us in to cars and the hobby in the first place. I can't understand why Mattle can not add more of them to the line. They are producing more and more junk at HWs. Listen you want to appeal to kids if you feel there is a market. Market a HWs Jr line geared exclusively to the kids. I'm willing to bet it will get axed. Where as a HWs line dedicated to the cars will flourish. There are thousands if hundreds of thousands of models to choose from. Even the Edsel made the line. There are tons of better obscure models that would be great to see.

  3. Beautiful, every single one. Thankfully this was right around the time I started collecting, so I have most of these, and they are a perfect lesson in how to decorate the muscle car correctly…some subtle stripes, a matte black hood bulge here and there…even headlight tampos for the Chevy Vega. And I love how the stripes on the Buick GSX wrap over the spoiler.

  4. I must be an ignoramus, but what's wrong with the 2016 release 69 Dodge Charger 500 in Lime, Deep Red or 2017 release Yellow/Black mooneyes. Tastefully done, I love 'em.

  5. I agree. I think those are very good releases. It seems the trouble some people have is the somewhat busy decos with lots of stripes and logos appearing on many cars nowadays such as on the 1970 Chevelle in the J case and quite a few of the Camaro Series. Excess decos sometimes hurt the overall look of vehicles. However, deco design and application of stripes is really an opinion and rather subjective, so naturally there is disagreement on what looks good or not.

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