All Hot Wheels ’73 BMW 3.0 CSL Race Car releases, ranked.

Ok, ranking the releases of this model doesn’t make a ton of sense, especially considering the liveries have stayed true, for the most part, to the actual racing liveries of the actual car.

Maybe, instead, I should rank the Fast & Furious movies.  5, and then the others.  Ok, done.

Back to the BMW.  Want me to rank them?  Ok, here it is:







Actually, I think the lace wheels on the 2017 release really make it look fantastic.  And honestly can you ever beat a Zamac?  But then again the detail and spectraflame blue on the Toy Fair make it the winner.  Actually, white is the most realistic so it wins.


But who cares?  They are all nice, and this casting easily enters that Gran Torino/Greenwood Vette/Kenmeri pantheon for me.  (Oh man, every time I start thinking about the Lamley Hot Wheels Pantheon, I can’t figure it out.  Those three I just mentioned, plus maybe the 510 Wagon?  ’55 Gasser?  Porsche 934?  Upcoming 190E?  E30?  A/FX Coronet?  I need to think this through.)

There is a lot to like about this model, but one thing I love is Hot Wheels’ approach to it.  Whether it is a licensing request from BMW or not, it doesn’t matter.  I just love that every release so far as been a play on the actual livery.  And I am fine if it stays that way.  Basic, premium, doesn’t matter.  I could see this model in Car Culture some day, maybe with the actual licensed livery, as much as I could see it in future basic releases with different takes on the stripe and racing stripes.

And the way the casting was created makes it work as well.  Creating a window piece that includes the headlights and tail lights is brilliant.  Those got tampo treatment for the Toy Fair Model, but on the basic they don’t really need it.  The break is there.

So all that means here are 5 releases of the CSL, all with a similar livery, yet all look very different.  Truly Hot Wheels at its best.

It was the Zamac that spurred this feature, so here it is, along with a smattering of other pics.

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  1. Oh look another post that's pointless

    I can imagine Lamley Group orgasming their pants when a new car comes into the office

    I remember when Lamley used to be good

    Oh wait that was Pre 2016

  2. This model is definitely a great cast and every release has been on point. The body is very sleek, I can't see it done in a stock version. I mean they could do it but the racing theme just makes this model…

  3. Nice! That Toy Fair edition is awesome though, but the black model w/crosslace wheels is a winner too. What case did the ZAMAC release appear – unless I have yet to see that line considering the stores in my area pretty much suck because they're not keeping up.
    Love to see a line released with a premium version of the CSL somewhat similar to the Toy Fair model… that would be awesome!

  4. Sorry Trent. But I do appreciate your readership. I will say this though. You make a good point in one regard. I have been wanting to do more posts about older cars in the collection, but things were honestly buried as more and more stuff came in. That was one of the main reasons I did an overhaul of my office this month, to give me better access to everything. Look for some cool features to return.

  5. I believe it was the E case for the BMW CSL, Ford Focus, and Pontiac GTO. I have the same problem with Walmarts having absolutely no stock in my area since January. It took a lot of driving and Walmarts to find these Zamacs.

  6. Obviously we don't get zamac's in the UK, which if im honest never bothered me, until now. This is in my opinion, one of the best castings hotwheel's has ever done. I have every current release except the toy fair version which rarely comes up, and when it does is too expensive to warrant purchasing. I would say the best release is the second one, black with BMW racing colours, Beautiful!

  7. HARSH, when Lamley group was good. WHOA, scuse me but the page has been a little off the Matchbox only posts, but it is interesting to see a lot of other diecast that wouldn't have been noticed by me as all the local stores here by me don't seem to give a rats behind about keeping it current or varied. I see HW and Matchbox only, all the others would only make it to my house via eBay or internet purchase. Thanks for what you do, I dig the “Batmobile” as some BMW folks call this model and would love to see it in Car Culture in a great mash up of livery and wheels.

  8. As others mentioned, the zamac is an E mix release with the 67 GTO and Focus. These were supposed to show back in January, but didn't for some reason. Seems they are now, found mine past week. Not the first time a Walmart exclusive mix showed late, it happened in 2012 with the orange 72 Torino, black Bone Shaker and (i think) green 66 Nova. Also E mix for that year, they didn't really show up until summer.

  9. In that smashing run of 2016 debuts, this was one of the greatest Mainline releases ever. The attention to detail, barring the sometimes-dodgy printing, is what made that CSL a gem.

  10. I want that Zamac so bad. The WalMart near me hasn't restocked Hot Wheels in 3 months. They're terrible when it comes to that. This is definitely one of my favorite castings, but the black Castrol version is my favorite. I think the wheels help a lot.

  11. Actually I'd do a blog on how the artf of collecting toy cars has become a blood sport where scalpers turn into psychos and collectors go ape shit when a new car comes out

  12. And John
    It's ok
    I understand the legions of men who obsessives with certain cars need their fix

    I miss seeing good emergency vehicles
    Sadly Matchbox has been poor in producing them due to their stupid 4 part rule

  13. I just found this blog, and I'm really getting into Hot Wheels for the first time…..ever. I feel lucky I found the black #16 livery at the grocery store -a gem among rows of annoying fantasy cars.

  14. How cruel Asda don't get involved with the Walmart Zamac love. I need that CSL.

    I find the white much nicer than the two black releases, but I didn't like the paint job on the Toy Fair one at all.

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