Here are all 10 Hot Wheel Racing Circuit models, hitting Walmart now.

I came across the new Walmart exclusive Hot Wheels Racing Circuit line a couple of days ago.  This is the latest Walmart exclusive, with every model sporting different takes on the Hot Wheels Racing deco.

It will be on the pegs, not in bins, and will be along the lines of the recent Hot Wheels Garage line.  I found some at a nearby Walmart, and because this deco isn’t my cuppa, I thought I would take pics right there on the pegs.

After I did, I pondered whether I should buy the GTO – my favorite of the bunch – but ultimately decided against it.  I am sure a few of you will pick up one or all.

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  1. Agreed. Or at least some of the actual race(y) cars had been done in blue instead of the Deora II (I hate the current tool of it) and the Riviera (I like this one… going to grab a few for a planned swap).

  2. At least the Garage series seemed to have glitzier decos than the mainlines…these don't appear to. Having taken a closer look, I'm a little less enthused about these, although I'd still like to snag at least the Firebird and the Falcon.

    I think the Falcon is the pick of the bunch…the deco is very appropriate for a race car, and it'll fit in nicely with the existing Falcons.

  3. I think it be a long time before these hit the Walmart near me Saw BMW blisters stapled to the super Mario card and torn Batman v Superman on the pegs doesn't look like anything new was going to show up anytime soon I would love to post pictures of it if that's possible

  4. I started collecting the HW Racing models when they first came out. But I bailed long ago. Seeing this set I am happy I did. Only 2 in the set are race cars and most don't have that nice metallic blue color.

  5. I wouldn't mind picking some of these up because I started collecting again last year, so I'm missing some of these castings. That being said, the decos are a mixed bag, and the overuse of chrome interiors is annoying. The price is also ridiculous, but I managed to find the Camaro set for 99cents, so maybe I can get these for the same.

  6. I got the whole set for 94 cents each cuz that's where they was hanging and lady said you get em at that price was our fault :O was like hellll yes lol

  7. Found #1,#3,#4,#7,& #9 at Walmart in Carrollton,Georgia. $2.14 each Looking for rest of collection.

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