Here are all the slides from the Hot Wheels 2017 Sneaks Presentation at Nationals.

We posted the video first, thanks to Eric Petor’s willingness to film it for everyone.  Now here are all the slides from the presentation.
Some cool things that I took from the presentation.
  • The upcoming Nissan GT-R will get a recolor
  • The Dodge Dart will be a Walmart Zamac
  • The red Mazda RX-7 will be Kmart exclusive in red
  • The Ford Falcon Race Car will be a chase model in the Walmart Forza Themed Assortment
  • The word must be out that I REALLY like the Gran Torino
  • The McLaren F1 and Renault 5 Turbo are coming back
  • New Car Culture castings include the MB 190E Evo, Bugeye Subaru WRX, and BMW M1
  • Mark Jones, Steve Vandervate, Julian Koiles, and Jimmy Liu are killing it with Car Culture
I will have more from the Convention, including showcases of all the models when I get them, but it looks like it was a good time had by all.  Time to start planning for the LA Convention in October and Dallas Nationals in April 2018.  
In case you missed it, the presentation and Q&A:
And here are all the slides, in order.  Once again, and HUGE thank you to Eric Petor.

20 Replies to “Here are all the slides from the Hot Wheels 2017 Sneaks Presentation at Nationals.”

  1. Wow. An actual McLaren F1 GTR in the mainline. It's like the Dudley Boys when they returned to WWE (Hardyz return would be the perfect analogy for Ferrari coming back to Hot Wheels).

    That said… I'm hoping it gets a recolor, mostly because I do not like the red interior.

  2. Four more Original 16 cars!!! That leaves 4 more to go ('cuda, Python, Silhouette and El Dorado.) My only critique is that it might have been cooler to do the Cougar in red and the Corvette in orange. A real vintage red Custom Cougar, especially in the blister pack, is a bit of a unicorn.

  3. I wish I could meet the team, especially Julian Koiles, and thank them personally for making Car Culture so epic! I honestly think this is the best premium line Hot Wheels has ever made. The Evo II, Impreza and GT-R look sweet, as does the F1. Can't wait to get my hands on them!!

  4. Seriously disappointed with the CRX in the Modern Classics mix for Car Culture. Buick Grand National or '92 Mustang would have been a better fit. While I like what I have been seeing out of Car Culture as a whole, it has become a Euro-and-Japanese-centric line and it's getting tedious. I know many fans of those cars have been saying the American-centric lines were getting annoying (Cool Classics, anyone?), but still.

  5. Also, the basic Forza set is going to be very nice (Javelin!!! and RLC members have seen a couple others for the set which were also epic), and I can't wait for those Target Retro Nostalgia cars!

  6. Some great stuff coming, but honestly I just can't wait to get the Street Wiener…

    But in all seriousness, this is an exciting time to be a collector. SO much good stuff in the pipeline. It's really nice to see the McLaren F1 back, it looks like I'll be able to double the number of those I have…the red one from Speed Machines is the only one I have and is one of my absolutely faves.

    Does that Alfa GTA have spectraflame chrome paint??? That looks awesome.

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