Lamley Unboxing: 2017 Matchbox E Case

Better late than never.

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  1. I was pleasantly surprised to find this entire assortment freshly stocked at my local Target. Or maybe it was the assortment after this…the one I found had a silver Land Rover Ninety, so not sure if I found the case before or the case after. The Tuk-Tuk is very neat, and the flat black Evora is SO cool. Was also grateful to find the Skyline. It was turned on its side in the packaging, with the base facing front, so maybe that threw off some would-be collectors.

    Maybe it was just because I was in a good mood, but I also picked up the Sonoran Shredder. As John above mentioned, it is pretty small, but I like to imagine that they're going more for a Suzuki Samurai-sized vehicle than a Ford Bronco-sized one.

  2. I also found this case freshly stocked at my local Target. Unfortunately I was the second person to find it and all the licensed vehicles were gone. I sure do wish Matchbox would give the licensed stuff more attention when putting together their ratios. They are always the first to go and the hardest to find.

  3. Thanks to Lamley I now know how to read the code on the back of a Hot Wheels car to identify the case. Is there anything in the Matchbox card codes that tells what case it's from?

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