Whether you like the real car or not, there is no denying the Matchbox BMW i3 is darn cool.

I like the BMW i3.  I know in some circles that is a blasphemous thing to say, but I think it is pretty cool.  It is unique to say the least, and I am cool with anything forward thinking like the i3 is.

But I know many of you disagree.  You don’t like its looks, its preformance, what it represents.  That is fine too.

Hopefully, though, we can all agree that the new Matchbox BMW i3 is awesome.  The Matchbox Team sent the completed FEP over for a preview, and I can honestly say I am way stoked with this one.

Matchbox at its best releases a variety of vehicles, from sports cars to utilities vehicles to emergency to classics, and everything in between.  And mixed in might be that unique street car that may not get us giddy like say a Datsun 510, but makes for a great model nonetheless.  Think Prius Taxi for example.

The i3 surely fits in that category.  Pick a unique car and replicate it well.  That is what Matchbox did.

We previewed an early sample of the casting a couple of months ago, but now we have the completed product, and wow.  Front and rear tampos, with the unique blue side detailing.  That is a 4-sided tampo print, which is awesome, and I hope can be duplicated in later releases.  Frankly black is probably the easiest color to do, so we will see what future releases look like.  For now, there isn’t anything to complain about.

It will be interesting to see the response.  I am honestly happy whenever Matchbox does any licensed model well, whether I like the car or not.  In this case I like the car and love the Matchbox.

Look for the BMW i3 in Mix 9.

21 Replies to “Whether you like the real car or not, there is no denying the Matchbox BMW i3 is darn cool.”

  1. Your title nails it for me. Matchbox does this time and again. I'm not too keen on the real car (though I like it's unique look) but then matchbox makes the model so darn well that I have to get it. Then I end up appreciating the real one. Same thing happened with the prius. I now have the green and the yellow taxis. They're just so well done. Then I have to awkwardly explain to people why I have prius, volvo, olds vista wagon and dodge d100 cars on my desk. Thanks for the preview John! This model is stellar.

  2. I feel the same about well-done Matchboxes. Any bone-stock car with light tampos is good with me, who cares if it's a boring new Jeep Cherokee or a G37.

  3. …which has NOTHING to do with this…seriously dude, what planet are you on? Do you just have a compulsion to post a comment for every blog post, whether it's on topic or not?

  4. I'm over the moon on this one…it's been said about several other recent Matchbox hits, but here we go again…THIS is what Matchbox should be all about. Real cars, done stock and more accurately than a $1 model has any right to be. I'm as excited about this as I was about the Volvo V60, and that's high praise.

    On kind of a funny note, I don't think Matchbox has ANY wheel skinny enough to replicate the real thing. The real i3's tires are cartoonishly skinny.

  5. Damn! They've nailed it again! I'll join the others and say this is what Matchbox should be doing!! Interesting, unique cars done the stock and accurate way. I think the real i3 is ugly but I like this one! Consider me a fan!

  6. Well executed casting of an ugly car is still ugly (IMO). lol. The details here are great though.

    I'm more curious to know what the other car in the IG post regarding this car from MBX is, personally.

  7. MBX on fire! This just another example of the great job the MBX team is doing. The Range Rover in black supurb. How about the Dodge Ram P/U or the Chrysler 300? These are just to name a few. Now this very well done. I don't know about anyone else but I can't wait for what's to come and 2018 looks pretty good and we're still in early 17!
    Like to take a minute here because I gave it to Mattel for letting MBX fall. I like to say thank you for restoring it. Now go do the same with HWs.
    I hear people say diecasting is an addiction. I'd like to set the record strait. It's a passion. It's not just about little cars. It's about cars! The way I see it you have to be some kind of car enthusiast. Just my I opinion.

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