Unboxing: 2017 Hot Wheels International H Case

So at the beginning of this video, I starting counting how many Hot Wheels assortments are left in 2017 after Batch H.

I screwed up and lost count.  That is usually when I stop the camera and start over.  Not on unboxings.  One take, and I can’t stop after the box is opened.  So.

J, K, L, M, N, P, Q.  (No I or O because they look like 1 and 0, respectively.)

7 assortments left.  That means H marks the halfway point.  Lots to already enjoy.  Lots to come.

Anyway, the H Case arrived from A&J Toys, and I opened it last night.  Don’t judge me on my alphabet skills.  Or do.

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  1. and THANK YOU for not reading the RigorMotor card. :DDD I do think the effort to unwedge the Torina had a great side effect, we got a better look at that Red CR-X. Lastly, on the TH art car, perhaps they were going with a ZERO or the letter “O” for that symbol, bit of artistic license??

  2. Qtran, don't know if it was my comment or another you think doesn't make sense, but the CRX is on his display, but it is quite buried until 7:52 where it all gets shifted from the wrestling of the box.

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