Imagine the Hot Wheels Ford GT Race with an upsloped chin. Thankfully that is all you have to do.

We haven’t talked about upsloped chins in awhile.  We haven’t needed to.  They’ve vanished.  At least for now.

It probably isn’t cool to start a feature on such a cool model with mention of one of my biggest Hot Wheels pet peeves, especially since so many models have been released lately without one, including the Ford GT Race.

But it does seem prudent to mention it now, because imagine how an upsloped chin would look on this one.  But hooray!  It isn’t there.

But on the subject of chins, look what is there.   The front spoiler has a slight wave to it.

Now look at the 24 Hours of Le Mans winning car:

Opa.  It’s there.  Spot on, this chin is.  Now move from the chin to the hood, to the sides, and then look closely.  Yep, that is daylight you see.  The flying buttress is there.

And those are some of the little reasons I am an instant fan of this model.  It’s in the details.  And that is not a surprise coming from Ryu Asada, who designed this one.  Ryu is always a nut for detail and realism, and once again it shows here.

The big reasons?  Look at it.  It is a darn fine replica of an already legendary car.    Sure the rear spoiler is a little thick, but you can blame safety specifications for that.  And come on, it isn’t that bad.  I don’t think it takes away from the car at all, especially from the side.

And I like the deco.  Would I love to see this model in its Le Mans living livery?  For sure, but with what they can do with a basic model it would not work.  I am cool with this original Ford-themed livery, and I hope to see a premium version in Le Mans colors sometime in the future.

I am all in on this one.  I was a fan of last year’s Ford GT, but I like this one better.  It is probably better compared to the Ford GT LM, another model I collect.  I think that merits a future feature.  Stay tuned.

So, chin to stance to flying buttress.  I’m in.

11 Replies to “Imagine the Hot Wheels Ford GT Race with an upsloped chin. Thankfully that is all you have to do.”

  1. Awesome model of an equally awesome real car. It's the design details – the intricacy -that makes this one. And although I'm not enamored with the wing, I'll get over it like I did with the equally good gt3 rs. So glad the flying buttresses are there.

  2. This looks great. The picture of the side profile of the racer next to the stock version shows that the LM has exactly the right stance and ride height. The two cars play off of each other very well.

    I do wonder why they didn't do the flying buttress on the street version though…When the stock version came out I assumed it was just too complicated to do (from a paint perspective or some other reason), but the race version shows that's not so. I will be interested to see how good the paint coverage is when I have one in hand.

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