So who here is into the Hot Works D1 Grand Prix 1/64 Series?

Hot Works at Japan Booster

I try and keep up on 1/64 diecast, but honestly it is very difficult to do.  The easiest landscape to navigate might be the US, but when it comes to Europe and especially Japan, it is near impossible.

Occasionally a brand I knew little about will pop up and snag my attention.  That is definitely the case with the Hot Works D1 Grand Prix Series.

A few of my good friends collect Hot Works, the now defunct brand of 1/64 drift cars.  The cars are insanely detailed, and something unique to these, the front wheels turn.  And yes, right now these models are red hot.

Because of the growing numbers of inquiries I kept getting on Hot Works, I decided to check with my friends at Japan Booster, and they went out a found a few.  They just listed them tonight, and holy cow.

To quote Will Smith in Independence Day, “I gotta get me one of these!!”.

I am sure some of you are giving me the eye-roll and a “duh, we’ve known for years how awesome these are.”  Some of you are cursing my name for throwing the #lamleyhype on these.  Not much I can do about that.  But sorry.  I might blog a bit, but I still get excited when I discover something I was unaware of or not paying attention to before.  Blame Japan Booster’s new photo setup on this one as well.

If you collect Hot Works, show me what you have.  Tag my on IG, or share on Facebook.  These are pretty darn cool.

(Hot Works at Japan Booster)

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  1. They are over 10 years old. Used to get them from HPI RACING (RC specialist) at my work. I still got the AE86 but its out of package. Wheels steer if I remember 🙂

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