If the 2016 Majorette Limited Edition releases are any indicator, 2017 is going to be a great year.

I keep finding treasures as I go through my office closet.  First I came across the red Kyosho Ferraris that I featured earlier today, and a little later I dug out two Majorette sets that I had featured on the Youtube Channel late last year.

My work with those wasn’t done.  I have wanted to photograph the stunning Limited Edition models, in their “don’t-call-them-spectraflame” – like colors.  The mirror finish on the paint is exceptional, and the models, at least for me, are well worth having.

Don’t call these chase models.  They are limited, but not chase.  Chase models are randomly inserted in assortments, the Majorette Limited Edition models are included in specific multipacks and other sets.  Of course one of the Limited Edition Jags I have came in a blister pack, so maybe that is more chase.  Still trying to figure all that out.

As I was going through those models, a funny thing happened.  My doorbell rang and DHL delivered a package full of….Majorettes.  Inside were new 2017 products, including the much-anticipated Gran Turismo Vision Concept Cars.  The unboxing video is below:

From what I pulled from the box, and from what Majorette has previewed in its Catalogue and elsewhere, it looks like 2017 will be focused and very fun for collectors.  US collectors still need friends overseas to get these, but based on what Majorette has been saying, that will hopefully change.

So, enjoy the video, and here are the most excellent Limited Editions from 2016.  Video and photo showcases of Gran Turismo, Dubai Police, and Mercedes AMG GT are coming soon…

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  1. How are the size compared to HW and MBX cars? Are they bigger than 1:64 or will they fit in nicely? This is the major issue I have with JADA cars. They make odd scales so I don't buy them. Maisto is also guilty of making cars that are quite larger than standard HW and MBX.

  2. I got the Gran Turismo concept cars and they are awesome. I've always been a huge fan of concept cars. I remember staring at the Pontiac Banshee at a car show as a kid and my Mom finally dragged me away after an hour. I love the unrestrained creativity that concept cars allow. And the Gran Turismo Vision cars have suddenly made concept cars relevant again, so this set was a no brainer for me. The Mercedes is definitely the best of the bunch, but I'm glad to have them all. Now to track down both of those blue Jaguar's. I already have a regular orange Majorette F Type but I'm a sucker for spectraflame blue and that's one of the best looking modern cars currently for sale.

  3. Majorette will also be releasing a Tuk Tuk this year. It will be interesting to see who has the best Tuk Tuk – Matchbox or Majorette. Also coming from Majorette in March 2017 will be a Thai taxi (Thai taxis are normally Toyota Corollas – Honda refuses to allow its vehicles to be used as taxis in Thailand). Thai taxis come in a kaleidoscope of colors (denoting the different taxi companies they belong to) and it seems Majorette is going to simultaneously release several colors. This information is available at facebook.com/majorette.th (Thai language only but at least you can check out the pictures of upcoming releases).

  4. For the most part these get a big fat “meh” from me. I do like the F-Type and SLS AMG with chrome paint though…and I'm really glad to see someone do the Mercedes Vision Gran Turismo concept…truly a stunning car. I'd love to see a full set of pics for that model.

  5. Aren’t too many of their casting I feel I have to own in my collection, but they’ve nailed the gtr, Porsche 918 and Mercedes amg gtr!

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