Matchbox goes stock with the 2017 release of the VW Transporter.

The VW Transporter was easily one of collector’s favorite new releases from Matchbox last year.  Cool model choice, excellent execution, and the added fun of the bed variations.

But if there was one gripe, it was what the initial release looked like.  The livery was cool – and was definitely a shoutout to Gerry Cody’s love of all things bicycle – but many collectors were hoping that the first release was in a more stock color and style, maybe like this green version:

2017 to the rescue.  Abe and the team pulled back and went full stock, matching the green above, going front and rear tampos, and using the more appropriate disk wheels.  And the result is fantastic:

I didn’t have a problem with the first release, but there is no doubt this thing is a gem.  Everything looks right.

Last year was the teaser, this year’s release is the fulfillment.  It is pure Matchbox.  And with Hot Wheels dropping their T2 truck this year, Matchbox’s stock Transporter completes the perfect blue/orange pair.

And for those of you wondering is the bed variation is still there, yep, it is.

So keep an eye out for both.  There should be equal numbers of both variations when the model is released in Mix G.

As always, thanks to Mattel and Matchbox team for sending these models over for a preview.

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  1. Holy cow! 2017 seems to be the year of Volkswagen for HW and MBX. HW did the Kafer Racer and T2 truck and now MBX drops this! I'm going to join you all and say this green version is far better looking than last year's blue.

  2. I agree with Aaron. This is great, I liked the the first release and pick one or two up but was not crazy about the deco on it. This is beautiful! Just wish I could find little lawn mowers they would be perfect in the back of this….

  3. Oh. My. God.

    This looks SO good. A quintessentially '70s/'80s color (yeah, I know this is technically a '92, but the model has its roots much earlier), spot-on front & rear tampos, a simple but handsome number plate, the best wheel choice available….

    This is quite possibly one of THE best-looking MBs of the past couple years. This is what MB is all about. The first release showed this was a good casting, and this one shows it's an instant classic.

  4. I collect the older (80's and 90's) Matchbox to and like them.
    This VW in this color could become my favorite model of them all.
    By the way, the next color has to be orange.

  5. Matchbox rollouts are slow at best around here. On the rare occasion I do find new vehicles on the pegs I never can seem to discern what case just hit. Is there anyway to determine what case these are from? Is there a code on the card that tell me the case? I'm hoping for some help from Lamley readers.

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