Check out the Singapore Motorshow 2017 Tomica Exclusives by Toyspree

Jay Kho, the RTE (Resident Tomica Expert) is back, this time with a look at a special set of Tomica models customized by Toyspree for the Singapore Motorshow.  The folks at the show were nice enough to send out a set for us to look at, and since these are Tomicas, they went directly to the RTE.
You can find them here, and be sure to use the “lamley10” promo code for a special discount:
Singapore Tomica Set at Toyspree  (prices are in Singapore dollars)
Thanks Jay! 

Despite what Lamley tells you what “RTE” stands for, I think we all know that I’m no expert.  Pretty far from it I might say.  Expert?  No.  Enthusiast?  Hell yes!  I collect what I like based on the coolness factor and yes, sometimes the rarer the item is the more I’m drawn to it.  That for sure fits both the categories.
When it comes to car shows, one of the cool factors, besides seeing what’s new in the automotive world, is access to limited edition diecast cars.  We have seen them at SEMA, at the Tokyo Auto Salon, and now, for this review, at the Singapore Motorshow. 

The organizers of S.M. 2017 asked the good team at Toyspree to create a Limited Edition 3-car set using Tomica mainline models to commemorate the event.  They were nice enough to send a set our way for a preview.  Unfortunately, the U.S Customs decided to take a peak inside our Singapore package and roughed it up a bit.  Grrrrrrr!!  I’m guessing they’re not collectors. 

The packaging is nicely done (aside from the bruises from the Customs) with the city scape of Singapore in front.  Once you open it you are greeted by the car silhouettes on the box, much like how car manufacturers unveil cars at the conventions.  The models are nicely done and I’m very happy to see that they have printed the livery directly on to the cars with no modification of the Tomica models and no need to disassemble them from their factory rivets. 

Only 250 sets were created for the show and luckily the team at Toyspree has set aside some for us who couldn’t be at the event and would like to purchase.  I forewarn you they are pricey much like any limited-run diecast convention cars, but the good thing is they have allowed us to use a 10% discount in all of the S.M 2017 event cars by using “lamley10” in the promo code section.  And while you’re at it, check out there nice inventory of discontinued Tomica.  Some are very yummy.  Please note that the items in the website are in Singapore dollars

So yeah! Are they cool?  Yes!  Are they rare?  Hell yes.  This makes me a fan. 

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