Cool Car Update: Hot Wheels Toyota Supra…

Do you ever find yourself just staring at your collection?

A new version of a casting you collect comes out, and there is some strange thrill about adding it to the others.  It is what makes us nerdy collectors nerdy.  Add the new model and stare.  So weird, but I love it.

Of course that stare comes with some dangerous thinking.  You look at what you have, you feel the satisfaction of having them all, but then you wonder if there are versions you don’t have.  That dangerous eBay dive ensues.

Back to the plight of the completest.  I am not a complete completist.  There are some castings that only one or two models suffice, but there are many that I pursue all releases.  Not all variations, as I have moved away from that a bit, but all releases.

So I want to show some of these on the blog.  For two reasons.  One, showcasing models is what Lamley is all about.  I am always thrilled to preview what is new or what is coming, but mixing in a look at some old favorites gives me the most satisfaction.  The second is I am trying to document my whole collection.  So over time I hope to photograph it all, and update it as I go along.  I am planning on using hobbyDB as a place to keep it all documented, but I figure I can feature the models as I go.  Doing that makes me smile.  Maybe we can appreciate some old favorites that have appeared to have been forgotten.

The Hot Wheels Toyota Supra has surely not been forgotten.  In fact, it may be entering a massive heyday with the Fast & Furious release in white coming soon.  But it rad seeing them all together.

And of the 12 releases so far, there are subgroups.  There is the Fast & Furious group (3 orange releases, the gold, and now the white) and the drift group (all the rest).  There is a Super TH, a Kmart exclusive, and a recently released 5-pack model.  There is even a legit wheel variation (the chrome-lipped MC5 release only found at Walgreens stores) and a tampo variation (the red release with and without the Falken logo – the one photographed here doesn’t have it).

(There are also wheel variations on the green release and 5-pack version, but I only know of one of each, so in my book I can’t call them legit variations – let the debate ensue.)

The Supra casting was created for the first Fast & Furious release in 2013, hence the custom spoiler to match the orange Supra from the movie.  The model has enjoyed a fruitful life since.  Some of you have been disappointed that the spoiler on the white model doesn’t match the movie car, but in some way I think that provides its own tribute to Paul Walker.  The white Supra used in the movie was actually is own car, used after the idea of a white GT-R was scrapped.  Doing a white version of the original Hot Wheels Fast & Furious casting seems appropriate.  It is its own thing.

And the white version takes this casting to another level.  Not only because of the significance, but because of how nice it looks.  White is a signature color for the Supra, and F&F or not, this version is plain stunning.  It makes me hope that Hot Wheels sees the value in at least one clean version of each licensed casting they create.  510, ’55 Gasser, whatever.  Do just one clean release.

Thankfully we have this Supra to go along with some other nice releases.  I would say after the white Supra, the first F&F in orange and the Falken in silver stand at the top.

It is a fantastic model to collect.  I am happy to have all.  Cool Car.

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7 Replies to “Cool Car Update: Hot Wheels Toyota Supra…”

  1. The original FF one is nice
    The white is also good but they keep ruining it with the multi coloured wheels

    Why not do the supra from Need For Speed Most Wanted

    Gold with the blue fkames

  2. I am not in to color variations but I do have 4 or 5 of the HW Supras and will get the white. It is tough photographing your collection. I am up to 5600 cars done but am storing them in Evernote for now.

  3. I don't like all of them – I have the sparkle green, Multipack red and the Falken – but I sure do like the new white one. I agree, they should do more clean castings with the decal count going into rear light details. The Focus RS could've been epic with some more decal work.

  4. I was surprised when I realized I actually have almost all of these…I don't consider myself a HUGE Supra fan, but without realizing it I've picked up pretty much all the versions over the couple years its been out.

    My favorite find happened at a Wal-Mart dump bin…I was lurking around the bin waiting for a swarthy-looking collector who was pawing through the entire thing to vacate the area, and when he finally did, I scored the Super. Evidently he didn't paw hard enough 😉

    When (or if) I find the white Supra, I think it'll easily be my favorite.

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