Case Report: Opening a 2017 Matchbox D Case…

Matchbox 2017 D Case at Wheel Collectors

And we keep moving along.

You never know when something new will arrive from Mattel, and in the case of the Matchbox D Assortment, that was late Friday.  So Matt & Matt and the gang at Wheel Collectors spent the evening prepping the D Case.

Thankfully, they grabbed one for a Case Report, and the photos are below.  You can see all the models at Wheel Collectors:

Matchbox 2017 D Case at Wheel Collectors

This is an interesting case.  The wow factor is low, but the new GHE-O Predator is a cool model, and the Boone County GMC makes its debut.  And while the casting doesn’t do it for me, the throwback livery on the Vantom is cool.

Your thoughts?

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  1. It's a good Mix. Nice license cars, even some with better decos (Transit) than others years. And nice MBX Originals (MBX Mover, Utility Truck, Baja Bandit). But Hasn't got a “Top Model”.

  2. I like the fiat and gmc pickup. I saw the rover and the matchbox mover with same livery on display in Target but not the 2 that I wanted so unless they were both available In C case then we have the D case as well.

  3. Really there's only one casting I want to look for in this batch, the GMC Pickup. Everything else is either carryovers and more generics! I hate how one batch I say, “Man, I gotta get my hands on this one!” and then the next say, “Oh, I'm not looking forward to this one!” Be consistent would ya!

  4. This is a startlingly good case…at least in comparison to other recent MB cases. I really look forward to snagging the GMC in Boone County livery, and another Defender is always welcome…I love how prolific that model has been over the years. There are also a couple of my guilty pleasures in here…the tanker truck and the forklift. Honestly, it's because they're well-done generics of vehicles that exist in real life that look almost identical to them.

  5. Can they just limit the generics and over produce the licensed models already? The Chrysler 300 should be a recolor by now as should the Jeep Willys. There are so many that can go in a case besides the unliked generics. Some generics I welcome but how many combines do you think are needed? I mean come on it's really comon sense here….

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