Big news: 2017 Nissan GT-R & 1967 Mazda Cosmo Sports (for its 50th birthday) are coming to Tomica Limited Vintage…

This is one of those pieces of news that makes a diecast collector smile.  For a long time.

Tomica Limited Vintage is giving us a super batch in May 2017.  Two totally new castings, plus a couple fan favorites.

Yesterday TLV announced the 2017 Nissan GT-R and 1967 Mazda Cosmo Sports will debut in May, along with new colors of the 1982 Honda Prelude and E90 Toyota Corolla.

The biggest news is the Cosmo.  The Cosmo is upper echelon in classic Japanese cars, arguably up there with the Toyota 2000GT as one of the most important (that is a good question for Ben Hsu and Jeff Koch.  Fellas?).  One way or the other, it has been sadly underrepresented in diecast.  I have always considered the Cosmo, with its unique silhouette, a no-brainer for Matchbox and – of course – TLV.

Well, it is here, right on time for the 50th anniversary of its debut.  I will let TLV explain in their words, using the magic of google translate:

A number of famous cars appeared, and it is said to be a vintage year of Japanese cars in 1967. Among them, Mazda Cosmo Sports is equipped with the world’s first two-rotor rotary engine. Cosmo sports sent out after the development period of 6 years from the basic development of the engine was released on May 30, 1967. I made the unknown power known as a rotary engine to the world. It is May 50 years later. To celebrate the 50th anniversary of the birth of the rotary engine, we will manufacture the early stage with short wheelbase and small front grill with new metal mold. Mazda Co., Ltd., a manufacturer, took over the restored store for the 100th anniversary of its founding and also reproduced details specific to this individual such as late model wheels and export specification emblems. Also, as a historical significance modeling this car model, the engine is reproduced. I get close to the feeling of drifting on a real car.

TLV takes on a lot of cars, but replicating something like the Cosmo is actually not that common.  They seem to be more dedicated to the everyday cars that were on the street back in the day, and the Cosmo most certainly wasn’t.  So this is truly an extra surprise.  Maybe this opens the door for a TLV 2000GT?

Of course among collectors today, I think the 2017 Nissan GT-R is the biggest news.  The GT-R is everywhere in diecast, but we don’t seem to be getting sick of it at all.  (Waiting for all the “I am!” folks to make your comments.  Thanks in advance.)  And while we will see the 2017 from several companies, including Hot Wheels, it is an event when TLV does it.  They have taken a serious liking to the GT-R, having already produced over 11 variants, so the 2017 is most welcome.  Again, from TLV, via google translate:

As the current model of TLV, Nissan GT-R, which brought the 2014 model to market, we will be releasing the 2017 model that has undergone significant evolution. In order to reproduce the actual car whose bonnet height, bumper shape, wheel, interior, etc. were changed considerably, we made a remake with a completely new mold. Body color is orange metallic which is the image color of the current model, and silver of two colors inherited to successive GT-R. As with the 2014 model, which caused great reactions at home and abroad, please also offer this product. ※ The image is a prototype. It differs from the actual product.

On top of those, two new colors for the upcoming Honda Prelude, which will debut the month before, and the return of the 1989 E90 Toyota Corolla in new specifications (1600 GT & limited black GT 205), that has been a must-have for TLV collectors since it debuted several years ago.

May’s gonna be good.  Start watching that Japan Booster pre-order page.

5 Replies to “Big news: 2017 Nissan GT-R & 1967 Mazda Cosmo Sports (for its 50th birthday) are coming to Tomica Limited Vintage…”

  1. RE: the Prelude…these are not simply recolors.

    The initial release of this casting was the Prelude
    XX, which was the basic, Mikuni carburetor equipped Prelude.

    The second release will be the fuel injected Si model, equipped with a rear spoiler and different paint scheme on the bumpers, plus Si badging.

    One of the joys of collecting TLV's is the fact that they offer different versions of the cars they model, rather than simply doing endless recolors.


  2. I love Nissans. Perhaps its because I own a 1982 280ZX, (I'm a huge Transformers nerd,and owning a car that was the model for 3x of their most popular characters sold me on it).
    I think that 67 Cosmo is going to sell like crazy. Some of Boosters stuff can be pricey, but I got a gorgeous Lancia Stratos in Allitalia racing livery, (aka Transformer Wheeljack), and the price with shipping was about $12.00 For me it was worth it as the piece is awesome.

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