Prepare for a pair of killer Corvettes from Hot Wheels…

So what’s your thing?  Old Corvettes?  Old OLD Corvettes?  New Corvettes?

You gotta have a Corvette thing.  I might be that you hate all Corvettes.  But if that is your thing then that is kind of lame.  I thought that was my thing for awhile.  But now I no better.  Corvettes are cool.

I remember as a young kid making my dad stop on the side of the road in front of a Chevy dealer and make him take a pic of me and my brother in front of a brand new ’84 Corvette.  I thought is was awesome.  Almost as awesome as my OP shorts.  I knew Corvettes were cool at the time.

At some point I came to the conclusion that they weren’t.  I was probably getting into what I thought were more sophisticated cars, and must have thought I was not allowed to like Corvettes.  And let’s be honest, there was a time in the late 90’s and early 2000’s that Vettes were kind of boring.

But the new design?  It is awesome.  And the more fancy you get with the latest generation Corvette, the cooler.  The Z06 is stellar.  It hits all the right notes.

But I still love the 70’s Vettes the most.  The Dirk Diggler Vettes.  That style will always be in my head when I think of Vettes.  Cool Corvettes.

So with Hot Wheels, I am happiest with that style Vette.  But I am definitely warm to the latest gen.  So, I was happy to see both styles get the new treatment in Batch E and F from Hot Wheels.  The new  ’68 Gas Monkey Corvette in Batch E, and the latest Z06 in Batch F.

The Gas Monkey Vette has, and will get, the most attention.  It should.  It is a popular show, they have a thing going with Hot Wheels (they did a show at the HW Headquarters), and this gold Vette is a signature car.  I have never seen it, but you can’t be a diecast collector today without being familiar with Gas Monkey.  The model looks cool in gold, and I know that to be based on the Gas Monkey car it needs that big engine protruding from the hood, but for me I will stay with my preference of the Greenwood and COPO Vettes.  This is a great Hot Wheels though.

The Z06?  It’s awesome too.  I typically collect the First Editions of the latest Vettes from Hot Wheels, and this will be no exception.  It will be splendid next to the ’14 Stingray and Convertible.

Corvettes are cool…

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  1. The Z06 looks too sensible for the HW line. It would make a better Matchbox. I like the '68 – much more HW DNA in that one. The wheels, however, are not doing it for me. It's not the size – it's the style. A '60s set of rims (Ansons / Cragars / etc) would look great on this

  2. The Gas Monkey 'vette doesn't do anything for me…and I'm not a Corvette hater, HW has a number of really great C3 castings, but this one is just “meh” to me. The Z06 on the other hand looks fantastic. It almost makes up for the C.7-R. Okay, maybe not entirely

  3. I'm gonna go ahead and be “that guy” and point out that the rear wheels on the real Z06 are indeed larger than the fronts. Granted, the wheels on this Hot Wheels are proportionally more out of sync, but at least it reflects an accurate attribute of the real car.

  4. I just nerded out and used a ruler to see how far off the wheels are…for comparison:

    Real Corvette Z06: front wheels are 95% the size of the rears
    Hot Wheels Z06: front wheels are 89% the size of the rears

    Not a huge difference

  5. Good… now just put a 1/64 size human figure next to those Rear wheels and you would realize how huge those wheels are. That would be like putting a huge Truck wheels on a Corvette. That is where Hot Wheels is failing. But still, everything boils down to personal taste/preference. So it's not about “accuracy” any more. If I want accuracy, I would rather go for other premium brands.

  6. This post shows just how good the original Stingray and the Convertible are! I mean, they're perfect! For once the large rear wheels work and it doesn't look cartoonish like most models. I may or may not buy the Gas Monkey Corvette but I will definitely buy the Z06.

  7. I think both of these are pretty dam good. The wheels are off it's not really the wheel size it's more the rim. I like the 5 spoke but wheels in the 70s & 80s tended to have more rubber less rim. Much like the 2nd gen Redliners or the BWs. Some of them though were off. No big deal to me because that GM will get a wheel swap and look much better for it.

  8. Can we shut the Fuck up about the wheel size
    If ever thing was in proportion then
    Real life wheels are 50-75cm wide
    And most hot wheels cars are 1:64 – 1:75 so
    ENJOY THE FACT THE ZO6 isnt Fucked up

  9. Danny V, the biggest problem for Kyosho or other premium 1:64 scale brands is that the prices of their models are equal to 1:43 scale models. So if you are looking for accuracy, this is not the right scale to find it. Hot Wheels cars are $0.99-priced toys, so it's not accurate to compare them with Kyosho or other expensive brands.

  10. Иво Захариев OK then, the last time I checked Matchbox are also .99 cents and their castings are far superior to Hot Wheels. Compare any Matchbox car to the Hot Wheels version and Matchbox wins hands down. Matchbox's issue is that Mattel won't let them create the High End version (i.e. Hellcat, Z06, Z28) because they know Matchbox will do a better, more realistic version and it will kill sales of the Hot Wheels version.

  11. Hey Trent you do know kids read this blog too so how about you grow up a little and let other people express their opinions without you getting your panties in a twist.

  12. The 2015 Hot Wheels C7.R is the perfect car for me, chin or no chin. The blue version especially is superb. Still…I have the advantage of being able to see the forest and the trees.

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