Case Report: 2017 Matchbox C Case…

I’ve already shown the unboxing video, and because I promise a photo Case Report, here it is.  No commentary today, but there is plenty on the video.


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  1. Or spend a billion dollars on ebay to get one.

    But seriously, this is ridiculous that the Mattel cannot sort out distribution issues. There are plenty of models collectors would want to buy, but they are not available. And then the corporate geniuses decide to put black windows to save some pennies and retain profit margins. Well, gues what? I you would sort the distribution and make wanted models easily available, you wouldn't need to save pennies, because your sales would increase.

  2. I agree with the distribution. I travel a lot and the lack of product in the stores is appalling. Outside the US it is even worse.

    But increased sales does not equal increased margins. Only more volume.

  3. Oh yes, that's true. I mixed it with profits.
    But anyway, I totally agree distribution really hurts Matchbox performance. I have maybe 15 MBX models in my whishlist that I would gladly purchase, but they are not available. Because of poor distribution Mattel will get US$0 from me, and it gets even worse when multiplied at global scale (I guess there are plenty of collectors in similar situation).

  4. The distribution still sucks on Matchbox. Funny how Mattel can ship a lot more hot wheels and literally the stores have massive dump bins and they keep adding to them. Yet Matchbox can't even ship out a 72 count case or have the budget to put interiors in to casting cause of a “budge issue” the biggest load of shit ever!

    For fucks sake look how much hot wheels loses to the theft of cars listed as “prototypes” or factory customs yet they haven't had to remove interiors or cut case numbers down.

    But still lame group will hold Matchbox as the kings of the diecast and keep saying the same thing “it will get better trust us!” When they don't need to worry about the stores having them when wheelcollectors or A&J toys just gives them crap for free!

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