Happy Holidays from the Lamley Group…

May your day be filled with cheer (and a little less diecast).

-The Lamley Group
(jtl, DT, RTE, RCR, M&M, AJ, Akiyo, LC, JI, HDB, SW, CDU, Mare, AmJ, Ede, JVS-G, C-Man, A-be, Jimmy Prius, Ut_, Joe&theGang, DF, Cx2, Subs, Bx2, ESL, DV, Unknown, and all the rest.)

– Lamley Tree by my daughters, Holiday Panel by Hot Wheels, Matchbox Lamley Raptor custom by @pdubrewer

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  1. Merry Christmas John to you and yours! Like that personalized Raptor. those Lamley ornaments are cool.. looks like decals you can put on the back widow of your car. HHMMMmmmmmm….. that would be a good idea.. i'd purchase one if it was for sale and another collector would know I'm a collector… like a code!

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