Your first look at the mainline release of the Matchbox Mercedes-Benz G63 AMG 6×6…

It’s coming, and coming soon.

It was back in April that Matchbox hinted at and then unveiled their Mercedes-Benz G63 AMG 6×6.  It was big news on several fronts, most notably that Mattel had finally acquired the Mercedes license again.
Since then, we have seen the Matchbox SLR McLaren re-released, the Toy Fair version of the 6×6 unveiled, and Hot Wheels revealed their plans for a 190E Evo in the Car Culture line.  Exciting times indeed.
Even without the licensing news, the 6×6 was big news.  A perfect fit for Matchbox’s current direction.  They also revealed two versions – one with an interior for premium releases, and one without for basic releases in order to adhere to the 4-part rule (wheels, chassis, body, plus either windows or an extra piece like a third axle).
We saw the the premium version was used on the Toy Fair, and now Matchbox has unveiled their first  basic version.  This pic was sent over last night:
That.  Is.  Nice.
Light tan color, black trim.  I can’t tell if the front has the tampo treatment, so I guess we will find out later, hopefully on a full preview here on Lamley.  For now, it is a great debut color for the model.  Sure, no interior is a bummer, but I will take it in order to have this model in the lineup.  It’s a great addition…

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  1. Funny how Mercedes-Benz left Matchbox and no one really noticed. Enter lamley group “OMG LOOK MERCEDES-BENZ IS BACK!!!! Time to find old stuff you missed!” Next thing you know people that were selling the old stuff got greedy and people hadn't cared for it before went crazy. Just another example of how lame group's hype train is making this hobby look bad for causal collectors and lining the pockets of the ones who take advantage of it.

  2. Dear Sir,
    Your continuing disrespectful and insulting comments on this blog seem to become a bit of a habit. if you do not appreciate John's views or his contribution to the die-cast hobby, you are in no way obliged to visit this blog or read his posts. As many of us enjoy John's work immensly and also appreciate the constructive and diverse comments in this section, may I recommend you follow a blog that is more to your liking rather than spoiling it for the rest of us with your utterly inappropriate negative comments. Thank you – and a very merry Christmas to you and your loved ones.

  3. Umm, we noticed. If you've been stuck in the Hot Wheels muscle car good old days of 10 years ago maybe you didn't. But those that collect Matchbox noticed. And those that collect Mercedes noticed. And prices reflected that, the Mercedes SLR McLaren for instance. Now that they are back, we are excited, and prices are coming down. So that hype is doing exactly the opposite of what you are saying its doing.

  4. I have the Toy Fair version. It will definitely fit in the blister. It's smaller than 1:64 but not by as much as I had feared. It's probably the same length as the Cadillac One limo (and of course taller).

  5. Beautifully done model! The color choice is brilliant, and the black wheels compliment the black windows nicely (so I can live without the interior). Any idea when this is comes out?

  6. Hmm.. I am thinking later. John previewed the Skyline as well as the Tuk Tuk which I believe he said were coming case E. If this one is just getting to El Segundo… probably F or G at the earliest. I could be wrong.

  7. Umm no one cared for them back in the day I'd remember seeing them as peg warmers but once lame group started poking the fires the prices of once peg warmers sarted shooting up. Next thing you know good old wheel scalpers was the place to find them…I wonder why oh yeah the low balled the other sellers and turned around asking way more for them.

  8. Drunk Vader your obviously a miserable human being but why don't you just crawl under a rock? For real dude I see your points I even agree on some but your attitude is piss poor. My dogs have more respect. Not sure you realize but your only going to alienate everyone at some point. Your anger is obviously personal. Mostly everyone who logs on here keeps coming back. It's not about John that people come here and I think he is beginning to understand that. Your continued childness is really unbecoming. 3 year olds have more sense than you. Like I said I agree with some of your points but your BS is getting old. Grow up put on some big boy pants and get a life. If not I will have to make MY personal agenda to tear you apart each time I see you post something pathetic. For real dude your a cancer at this point give it a rest you were heard now STFU! This is your only warning!

  9. I would happily trade all of the generics, luggage racks, boats, and tents in the line for one more interior in a licensed casting.

    I used to say that I would happily trade all the generics for another licensed casting, but Matchbox has worn me down to just begging for a piece of one.

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