Magnus Walker unveils the next version of the Hot Wheels Porsche 914…

Porsche-ophile Magnus Walker dropped another bit of news yesterday on Instagram:

A photo posted by Magnus Walker (@magnuswalker) on Dec 20, 2016 at 3:00pm PST


It’s nice to see the 914 back in the lineup, and this looks like a Car Culture release.  Deco is obviously Urban Outlaw, and it looks clean.  I like the wheels too.

Now Matchbox, let’s see your 914 again…

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  1. No offence to Magnus but this Urban Outlaw thing is getting over hyped. To the point of hate. The liveries are cool but so many Urban Outlaw cars in a single year is too much.

  2. I am simply happy to see the casting again. I was craving the Matchbox casting back myself just a few days ago when I found the yelllow 10 pack exclusive.

  3. Yes, the Urban Outlaw thing has been getting a lot of play, but you won't hear any complaints from my corner. Pretty much ANY deco on the 914-6 is good news. I love this casting, and it's one of many examples of Hot Wheels cars that work well parked next to their stock Matchbox counterparts

  4. Love hate. I love the fact they are doing more Porsches. Pretty much hate most of the designs. I like Walker's modifications but not a huge fan of the colorful design. They could have just as easily released this in plain red with Porsche door sill markings and it would sell well. In fact most of the peg hangers of the Euro and Track day are the Porsches. Good for me as I get them to customize.

  5. Man oh man oh man. Just today I was thinking it was time for a new 914. Premium line, great colors, racing deco, wire wheels… hell yeah! Magnus or not, I don't care. This one's a winner!

  6. I'm in the camp who would like to see a few more “stock” Porsches in Car Culture without the UO logo (maybe the Carrera GT? I always wanted to get that one with a metal chassis and Real Riders), but, that being said, for a UO design, I kind of like this 914. It kind of reminds me of the original Boulevard release except red instead of orange.

    I just wish they'd put front turn signal tampos on the arches to make it look a little more realistic.

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