The Holiday Mattel Diecast Dump is on. Time to go find some good stuff…

Ok, I have heard Hot Wheels D Case is at TRU, maybe at Target.  C Case is definitely at Target, and might be hitting Walmart.  Matchbox B Case is hitting massively at Walmart.
And all this while our friends in the UK are wondering when HW F Case is hitting.
The holidays means tons of product hitting the shelves, and lots of good stuff to grab.  I have featured them in the Hot Wheels and Matchbox unboxings, but I still had to take pics of a few.
The Tesla Model X and ’56 Ford I featured on the blog are not in the US yet, but a lot of other good models are.  The FuguZ will probably be the most popular of these models, but here are some others.
An amazing Magnus Walker 934:

There have been some quiet rumblings of a bit of a Magnus overexposure, but this model is beautiful.  There is no doubt Magnus’s liveries are terrific, and sitting on grey with grey lace wheels is perfect.  Maybe my favorite Magnus model, even over the 356A and 964.
Or there is a Trio of Toyotas:

The Matchbox Tacoma has already been featured here, but why not show it again?  It is the two Hot Wheels trucks that shine as well.  The Baja livery on the ’87 is fitting with that massive lift, and it compliments the tremendous Falken livery on the Off-Road Truck.  The Falken is the Super in Batch D, and that is one I really hope to find.
Of course there is a pair Ryu Asada designs from Japan:

Love the MX-5 in its racing livery, not to fond of the deco on the NSX.  Hoping for more straight colors like the first three releases, and yellow would have been awesome just plain.
Then there is the second flamed ’55 Chevy of 2017:

This is the secret gem of the batch.  The matte black ’55 is perfect.  And how great is it next to the Gasser?  Winner…
Now get out there and find some shit.  And let us know when you do.  Happy Holiday Hunting…

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  1. That black'55 is awesome. Time to let the Gasser go and go back to basics like that low to the ground casting. Flat looks good, even with the green accents and such, but make it gloss black and i'll be all over that like stink on doo doo.
    Shame it doesn't have headlight/taillight tampos.. guess you can't ask for everything.

  2. Missed an opportunity to pair it with the matte black '55 Gasser there. 😉 But yeah, that's a pretty badass Chevy.
    I also like the yellow and black Miata better than the initial red one, for some reason.

  3. Scalpers have always done it and will as long as collectors will pay the crazy amounts for them. Lamley doesn't support or oppose it, they just recognize and report it. Ignoring it wont make it stop, nor will complaining about it, only when people stop paying the large amounts of money for the models will it stop. Mattel seems to be putting out a good amount of product (at least of Hot Wheels) so that should help collectors to find models they want in stores, it may just take more patience and diligence in searching for them, but they do seem to keep popping up.

  4. So far these have been awesome. I stopped in a TRU tonight at 1:00 AM and got a bunch of these.
    The datsun is sweet, the mazda rocks, the 'Tooned VW bug will be a classic, (I love that its the same color as the track day one).
    Too much too list. Momo VW is banging too!
    I know some people hate the 'gimmick' cars, but I'm cracking up at the Roller Toaster imagining its the crime-fighting car of Powdered Toast Man.

  5. I agree. You mirror my sentiments near to the letter. I've never seen Lamely supporting scalping, and recall an article even calling out those who engage in the practice.

  6. I agree. Patience is the key word. You can find just about anything you want if you're willing to be patient and diligent. It's the people that want the newest stuff right now (or even early) that whine and complain that they can't find it. Mattel makes millions of these models. You can find them.

    As far as what Lamley does or doesn't support, unless these commenters know the guy personally, they have no idea what they're talking about.

  7. Just make sure you're not patient for too long because cars don't stay on the pegs forever. Wait too long and you'll have to turn to eBay…where evil scalpers live.

  8. It's an amazing time in the UK with every shop full of great new castings – the only problem I've had is it seems everywhere I've tried hasn't had a singe Kafer Racer or Magnus Walker 911, yet I've seen dozens of the 55's, '56 truck etc and 10 Gas Monkey Corvettes that everyone's going crazy for. I'll be patient, and hope Mattel will put them in more cases this year.
    And yes, that '55 is the best of the bunch, that green interior looks like it should glow in the dark.

  9. Have you tried Wilkinsons? Ive found a LOT of the Kafer Racer and Magnus Walker Porsche there. In fact all of this batch can be found there whilst the newest E batch can be found in Asda and more recently Sainsbury's. ☺

  10. I've been in every supermarket and Wilkinsons in Rushden, Wellingborough, Kettering, Bedford, Milton Keynes, Harlow, Brentwood and Chelmsford! We seemed to have skipped over some of the cases and gone straight to the latest one.

  11. Just a little update with regard to patience and diligence, I was just at my local K-Mart today (12/20) in Passaic NJ and found several amazing Matchbox models. I found 4 71 Nissan Skylines (I bought 2 and left 2 for someone else) and found a National Parks 15 Dodge Ram (that I bought). Besides the other 2 Skylines I left there was also 2 Volkswagen Karmann Ghias, 2 Blaze Blitzers with the licensed livery, and a Cadillac Ambulance. And the price was only $0.69 each!

  12. Really? They literally gave that guy from Vegas who bought the full dump bin of Beetles cars a fucking plug! Told people his Instagram and eBay page! They supported that Jenny person on eBay who always gets the zamacs and other exclusive cars months before any one else even went as far as to call them “our favorite eBay seller”! He got called out on it so many times the favorite eBay seller posts are gone.

    Even look at A&J toys or Wheelcollectors two big eBay sellers that send him cases for free (around $80+ per case to you and me) 2 or more times a month and they often times mark up one car 20-30 bucks before it has time to really get a correct feel on the market (often pricing it to what the stolen cars from Malaysia go for)

    The lame group fully supports the scalpers cause not for them they won't get crap and would have to acutely go out and buy it from the stores like hard working people do!

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