Yeah I like the new Hot Wheels Tesla Model X. I like those wheels on it too…

Keeping with a new wheel theme today.

I think I made it pretty clear what I feel about the new Deep Dish Steelies on the ’56 Ford.  And while I won’t proclaim these new sawblade type wheels as game changers, I like them too.  I have a feeling that these wheels will get a mixed response.  We have already seen them on two unlicensed castings, so this Tesla is the first licensed.

There is no Hot Wheels wheel that I despise.  It is more what wheel goes on what casting.  Even the trap5 wheels that are generally hated look good on some things (Renault last year).  The same will go with these sawblades.  They mimic the Tesla wheels pretty well, and will look good on quite a few contemporary cars like the Tesla that look best on low profile tires.  Of course they will look terrible on others.  But I doubt we will see ’71 Challengers ever sporting these.

So these wheels on the new Model X?  Winner.

The Hot Wheels Model X itself?  Winner too.  Hot Wheels made a pretty big deal of the release of their Tesla Model S casting a couple of years ago.  It was definitely a significant model, considering how important the Tesla has become to the auto world.  But in the collector world it was met with a bit of a mixed response.  Up-sloped chin, cartoonish spoiler, and a little too exaggerated in most areas.  It didn’t help that Matchbox released it’s brilliant Model S at the same time.  (Funny thing though, Hot Wheels designer Rya Asada actually had a hand in both executions, so it was more a direction thing than anything else.)

The Hot Wheels Model S has actually grown on me a bit, especially with better colors released after the first release.  The chin still bothers, but the model is pretty nice, especially in its Hot Wheels speedy style.

The Model X is a major step up though.  In the real world, the Model S is the better looking vehicle, especially since Tesla ditched the unnecessary oval grill on the front.  But this Hot Wheels Model X captures the Tesla design queues better than the Model S.  (And it benefits from a better grill.)

Why not do a comparison?

The roof is a little smushed on the Hot Wheels, but that does make it slightly more sleek.  The Hot Wheels has a spoiler, and the wheels are a little large, and there is a chin spoiler – not upsloped – but that is it.

It is a little more understated than the Model S, but still modded enough for Hot Wheels liking.  Maybe I am reacting more to the sharp white color with the tinted windows, but I like it.

And yes, I like the wheels.  You?

Look for this in Batch E.  Unless you are in Europe, as it should be on the pegs now.

9 Replies to “Yeah I like the new Hot Wheels Tesla Model X. I like those wheels on it too…”

  1. Lead shot… WOW.

    The rest… oh.

    On the other hand, I'd want to see those wheels on the Lamborghini Centenario. It'd fit better, I think, in a car like the Lambo than on this Tesla.

  2. Ive managed to source several of these from ASDA here in the U.K. and I have to say its much better in the flesh than in photographs. Well detailed, well finished and you soon get used to those wheels!! Lol

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