The Skylines, Corollas, Lancias, and Silvia of the TLV December batch have arrived…

Tomica Limited Vintage at Japan Booster

You know how I babble on occasionally with the “if can only collect one model of ________ brand, this is the model you want” scenario?  It’s a Lamley staple.  Hyperbole at its finest.

This totally applies though.  From here until the day this blog heads into the great blogosphere in the sky, I will tout the awesomeness of Tomica Limited Vintage.  The realism, the detail, the quality, the attention to scale, the unique model choices, and on an on and on.

So here I go.  If you have never acquired a TLV, or only want one, the December batch is the batch you would look at.  It is loaded.  I have already waxed on about this batch, so just head over to Japan Booster to see the models and buy a couple:

Tomica Limited Vintage at Japan Booster

Obviously, you like what you like, but if I were you I would pick a ’69 Skyline, a Corolla, the Silvia and one of the Lancias.  That lavender Skyline is super cool, but if you want slightly more subtle go with the Japanese Era release in grey with the black roof.  It’s gorgeous.

The Corolla in any color works, as does the Lancia.  And the Silvia Super Silhouette is just pure badass.  A car from a racing scene that created a Japanese car movement.  Oh, and those wheels!

These will all be featured on the blog when they arrive, but I will remind you of what I say with all TLV.  Buy now!  These always increase in price, and will always be cheapest when they are first released.  Some models don’t increase in value a ton, but others do.  The Skylines, Corollas, and Silvia most certainly will.

And I bet these arrive before Christmas.  A little gift for that special someone (you of course).
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