Another new Hot Wheels wheel is coming – the tiny 4-spoke Real Rider…

Our friends at Japanese Nostalgic Car noted something significant in Jun Imai’s latest photo on Instagram:


It is always a treat to see what Jun is working on, but it is those little hints he is prone to that you really need to look for.  In this case, the front wheel on that raw 240Z is in fact that brand new tiny 4-spoke.  And this opens up a world of possibilities.

The 4-spoke RR’s made their debut in the Japan Historics assortment of Car Culture, and a large version appeared on the Drifsta Super TH.

So why is a tiny version of this wheel significant?  For one, we rarely, if ever – I am trying to think of just one – see a Real Rider this size.  And two, this is a proper size for this style of wheel.  JNC explains it, but it will give models the proper Japanese style-lowered, or shakotan, look.  Like this Laurel shown by Speedhunters:

Funny thing?  If you know where to look, you would have seen a little sneak peek a month ago, posted by one of Mattel Marketing’s most passionate car dorks:

Awesome, eh?

Obviously, if Mattel is spending the money to develop this size of wheel, they have plans for it.  Which can only mean there are some very exciting models on the way.  Can’t wait to see what they are…

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  1. Once again lame group running the hype train on JDM and trying to suck jun imai's dick. You fucking steal from matchbox and you try building hype for JDM so your butt buddies at Wheelcollectors cans over charge the fuck out of cars. You are a disgrace to the hobby!

  2. Drunk you are more than welcome to hate me, no matter what your reasoning. Just don't subject other readers to that language. I try to keep a policy to never delete any comment, because everyone should feel free to speak how they want, and I haven't deleted yours. Because of that I have never had a problem with what you think about me, just how you say it. And I am always appreciative of your readership and viewership.

  3. How about if this blog gets back to just providing hobby info? I've been reading for about 5-6yrs now and have NEVER seen this much pdomotion. So much so I don't read as much because of it. I was never really a big fan of JDM but it is some pretty cool stuff. I do believe in respect there is way to little in this world. John I would say keep your personal preferences out of your blogs because that is not what people come to this site for. Lamley I would ask you to curb the promotion of secondary deals if you would like to keep the integrity of the blog. I have no problem with JDM but can you go back to covering everything die cast? I now get a lot of info off of Instag

  4. John I haven't had a ton of time for features the last few weeks, but I have some big plans for regular features on a ton of models from my collection. Time has been at a premium lately, I am just glad Hot Wheels has provided some cool news of late.

  5. Gram. I come back to check the blog every once in a while but I am more and more frustrated by the content. As far as the comments go on Matchbox, well currently their putting out some very nice stuff. MBX is not in the position to run a premium line imo. Distribution is just getting to where it needs to be in the US. They are far from making a total comeback but on the right track. The premium lines that they have been running are ok but they just don't have the commitment they need yet for the lines to succeed. If I were running MBX I would concentrate on the mainlines and keep putting out great castings. Fact is MBX is right now putting out better castings than HWs.

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