The Japan Booster Holiday Sale continues with some of the coolest Tomica Limited Vintage & Kyosho models around…

Tomica Limited Vintage/Kyosho Rarity Auctions at Japan Booster
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I hope everyone is taking advantage of all the holiday deals we have been promoting.  There is a lot out there for diecast collectors, including ways to store, display, and photograph your models.

But it still comes down to the models themselves.  And if you want the best in 1:64, you need to collect Tomica Limited Vintage.  You just do.  TLV not only produce the best quality 1:64, but their approach is unique.

They stay true to scale, they produce almost everything stock, and they put a lot of thought into the castings they choose.  Because of that, the models aren’t cheap.  It also means that the best time to buy TLV is right when they come out.  So many friends of mine, and you know who you are, have told me they will think about buying a model, and when they finally decide to buy, the models are far more expensive or hard to come by.

And there are some TLV that have hit that pantheon.  The Datsun Wagons.  The Porsche 911’s.  The Honda Civics.  The BMW 328i.  The Super Silhouettes.  And FOR SURE the Nissan GT-R Nismos, the first four colors which have become insanely popular must-haves with collectors.

I bring this up because now is the time to grab one or a few of those.  Japan Booster has put some of the toughest TLV’s to find up for auction this weekend, and they are listed here:

Tomica Limited Vintage/Kyosho Rarity Auctions at Japan Booster

And not only are the models I mentioned above in the listings, but maybe the rarest TLV’s of all, the Toys Club models.  The only thing I know about Toys Club models is that they are uber rare.  I have never seen one in person.  After asking a collector in Japan, I learned that the Toys Club models are supervised by Teruhisa Kitahara, one of the most famous toy collectors in Japan, as well as director of a toy museum which houses the Toys Club shop.  These special models, all with exclusive decos, are made in small numbers and sold at certain toy shows.  You have to be lucky to get one, so consider yourself lucky.  There are several for sale now:

Tomica Limited Vintage Toys Club models at Japan Booster

Add to that Tomicaramas, rare Kyosho like the Sunkus Secret Models, and you have a crazy assortment of cool stuff.  Will you pay a bit?  Of course, but you won’t regret it.

If you want to pay a little less, don’t forget that Japan Booster has also discounted all the TLV in their Buy It Now store.  These rarely go on sale, so get on that too.

Tomica Limited Vintage Sale at Japan Booster

Go get your first TLV.
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