Case Report: Opening a 2017 Hot Wheels C Case…

2017 Hot Wheels Batch C at Wheel Collectors
It seems like it has been awhile, right?
When you get used to International Cases, you get used to assortment after assortment after assortment rolling in.  But it has been well over a month since we opened the B Case.  That mini-drought is over with the arrival of the C Case Assortment at Wheel Collectors, and the models are available now at their store:
And, as always, we asked Matt & Matt at WC to pick a case at random and give us a peek.  So here it is.

(error alert)

Amid the ho-hum, a few highlights.  Nice to see the Nova and GTO castings getting some love, and both look great.  The Odyssey, BMW M4, and BMW CSL are also highlights, but we have seen them.  And that is one of the best decos I have seen on the Silverado.

The highlight is definitely the VW Kafer Racer.  It got some play at the convention, and it looks great.    Bound to be a collector fave, that one.  Can’t wait to take some pics.

The Super & Reg TH didn’t show in this case, but my guess is there won’t be too many complaints about that.  16 Angels is the Super, Dragon Blaster the Reg.  I don’t think WC pulled a Super, but here is the Reg:
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  1. I spent a good 5 minutes looking at that Boom car wondering what the error is. Then I saw the card and name and bam! Thats definitely not a Dairy Delivery lol! Not an error I would go ga-ga over. I think the only cars from this case I'm interested in are the two Porsches, Viper, both BMWs and Silverado.

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