Matchbox 2017 Camo Card Art revealed. Or not…

Ok, are you going to indulge me with just one stupid camouflage joke?

Let’s do it.  Just snicker in your geekiest laugh, and then we will be done with it.  Here we go.
Yesterday, on their Instagram feed, Matchbox unveiled these beautiful cardbacks.  Sure wish we could see the models too!
Hahahahahaha.  HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.  Hahahahaha.
Wow, Camo jokes are hilarious.  Really fun.  
Alright, here is what Matchbox posted last night, and yeah, the models are attached if you look closely.  Geez, I crack myself up.
We featured the models a couple of weeks ago, and they are even better with this stunning card art.  Mattel is WAY upped their game in the card art department, and both brands are showing it (2017 Best of World being the exception).

Look for these at Walmart soon…

2 Replies to “Matchbox 2017 Camo Card Art revealed. Or not…”

  1. what??? no humvee or tank lol. great looking models though. i really like that two door buggy, and the little atv. both have great camo patterns. would have been nice to see some ucp and perhaps even marpat camo.

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