The special Toys R Us release of the Hot Wheels Forza set goes on sale this Sunday…

Just a heads up for those of you after the fantastic Hot Wheels Entertainment Forza models, the special Toys R Us release will go on sale this Sunday, October 30th.

What is exclusive about this set?  Only the box it comes in.  The 5 models inside are the same 5 on the same cards, but this set is worth it mainly because it features the fantastic card art of Julian Koiles.  Julian does the art for the both Car Culture and Entertainment, and his work for Forza is some of his best, and there is the Ford GT right on the front.

It is also a great price, around $25, which makes it cheaper than buying the individual models at TRU.

Some of you were lucky enough to pick this set up before the sale, but I have heard several stories of TRU employees turning folks away until Oct 30th.  So, if you want this set, be ready.  These are limited, and might go very fast.

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  1. With that being said, I think they're a lot of people who are car freaks already know that – might be some who don't know that the infamous modified black car is a Ford Falcon.

    But, here is my gig.. as of right now, why isn't there a 1/64 casting developed immortalizing Mad Max's Interceptor? I think we already know why the General Lee never made it into the Retro Entertainment series, but of all the famous movie cars, will the Interceptor ever be produced?

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