Lamley Exclusive: 2017 Matchbox Best of the World Assortment A…

So Matchbox went there.

Europe you ask?  Well, yes.  The first assortment of 2017 (there will be two) is all Euro, and almost all German.  But they went somewhere else as well.  The off-road tread of the Matchbox two-part wheels in last year’s Best of assortment was the most common complaint, so the “nothing is off the table” approach that this current Matchbox Team takes unveiled a logical solution.

This should garner some feedback.

Enjoy the vid.  Full pic showcase coming tomorrow, and man do they look good…

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  1. Nice looking castings, overall good choice with wheels, but boy does the card art leave more to desire. The blue brand is far and away taking full advantage of beautiful car art to help boost desire and sales. I wish matchbox would lean in that direction too.

  2. That Miura is SWEEEEEEEEEEEEEET!!!!
    I'll tell you.. blue and gold go great together, but a great idea would be to take that particular model.. replace the blue with a red/orange hue and you have a great example of the car used in the original flick, “The Italian Job”.

    Now the bad.. another Porsche GT3? – Don't get me wrong, the metallic finish and wheels are very nice, but that plastic white rear spoiler detracts.

    Very nice job Matchbox!!!

  3. Wow…these look tasty. That Miura is drop-dead gorgeous, I love when they go for authentic color schemes (I believe this is close to a color combo offered on the real Miura.) Each of these is stunning.

    The use of HW wheels on the Mercedes is brilliant. Basic range wheels should stay exclusive to each brand, but I honestly don't see why Real Riders can't be used across brands, and this is a perfect instance that shows that it SHOULD be done. Just picture the recent yellow Ford GT40 Matchbox had in the basic line, dressed up in some Cobra knock-off Real Riders!

  4. Some will hate the blue brand wheels on the Matchbox…but I don't give a damn…much better. As a collector and customizer, I am used to seeing realriders on Matchbox and Matchbox plastic wheels on Hot wheels. These are nice choices. Produce the crap out of them please.

  5. Hot Wheels had “Real Riders” Matchbox has the World Class rubber tires. I dod beleive this is the first cross over of HW wheels to a MB. Certainly so on the rubber tire models.

  6. I think we're being a little harsh on the box art, this retro style/design is supposed to harkin back to Otto Kuhni's beautiful work in the Hot Wheels world. To each his own of course, but I like it.

    The models all look great, the Miura being the standout….wish they would have made the spoiler/stripe on the Porsche black instead of white…would have worked much better…love all the wheels!


  7. Generally speaking, I doubt people dislike the style – it's the execution that leaves much to be desired. The proportions and front wheels are done fairly, and surprisingly poorly, for a premium lineup and are certainly worse than the mainline card artwork.

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