Lamley Poll: Whether you attended or not, what Hot Wheels Convention Exclusive is your favorite?

The Hot Wheels Convention has come and gone, and it is now time to look forward to Nationals next year in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.  I have been to one Nationals Convention, a couple of years ago in Lexington, Kentucky, and I had a blast.

This one was great as well.  I was able to meet quite a few of you (although since I don’t show my face here or on videos, many of you don’t know who I am), I came home with some great finds, met many of the good folks from Mattel, and all in all had a great time.

The highlight?  Had to be the DLM Party we did with Lorie from Sterling Protectors, my friend hw_jay, and Jimmy and Julian from Hot Wheels.  Watching Julian, who is in charge of the packaging art on Car Culture and Entertainment, squirm as he opened models for the first time is years was especially delightful.  Lori, who also hopes we don’t open models and instead use here awesome protectors, joined in as well.  I will post that video to YouTube soon.

So yeah, I am saying if you can, come to a Hot Wheels Convention.  There is a core group of old-school collectors that make up the majority of attendees, so I think it is time for the new school to represent.  More on that later as well.

If you need any reason to attend, focus on the Convention models.  Mattel goes all out on them, and tries to select an interesting variety.  There are six per convention – 3 Convention Models, a Dinner Model, an RLC Party Model, and the Finale Car.

Just to give a little background, the Convention and Finale models will always be a variety.  They are typically collector faves.  Sometimes current models, sometimes nostalgic, and always premium.  The Dinner Model is always associated with the dinner honoree.  In the case of this year’s event, the honoree was Ryu Asada, and the Honda S2000 was one of his first Hot Wheels designs, and also based on his real car.

The RLC model can be anything too, but it is always spectraflame pink.  This time it was the Datsun 240Z.

I clearly have some faves, but I want to hear from you.  Whether you attended the Convention or not, I want to know what your favorite model is out of the six.  Photos are below, so you can get a sense of each.  And even better, leave some comments below giving your reasoning.

Pick one.  I have a reason for this.  And share with your friends.

What is your favorite exclusive model from the 2017 Hot Wheels Convention?

Here are the pics.  Thanks for participating!

’67 Camaro

Texas Drive ‘Em

Thunder Roller

Honda S2000

Datsun 240Z

’69 Ford Mustang

8 Replies to “Lamley Poll: Whether you attended or not, what Hot Wheels Convention Exclusive is your favorite?”

  1. TDE or the '67 Camaro for sure. Thunder Roller is spoiled by the hideous wheels. The 240Z is a really bad casting, and the 69 Mustang isn't much better. The S2K is sweet but pretty bland for a convention car.

  2. Gotta be the Camaro, which from me is saying a lot. I am not normally a 67 camaro fan. But the Gold color, and the #50 on the side, for the 50th anniversary of the Camaro is pretty sweet! I like the Honda, but something about the wheels or tires just doesnt look right to me?!

  3. The S2000 believe was done to look just like Ryu's real car, other than the convention logo of course. And being the dinner guest of honor, likely had a say in how it looked, heh.

    And gotta ask, why do you say the 240Z is a bad casting?

  4. Totally understand on the Honda, but I'm a sucker for spectraflame :).

    Never like the 240Z, mostly because of the large rear wheels, but I hate the faired in lights and the weird front splitter/bodykit. Just personal preference.

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