Hot Wheels Forza & Track Day are now available at Wheel Collectors…

Hot Wheels Forza & Track Day at Wheel Collectors

Dear Forza, oh how unfamiliar I am with your game, but oh how I love your Hot Wheels set.

The Alfa Romeo makes your set a must-have, but there are no slouches at all.

And Track Day?  You aren’t Japan Historics, but don’t fret.  You are pretty darn cool.

And you are both ready to be gobbled up at Wheel Collectors.

Enjoy your little plane rides all over the place.

7 Replies to “Hot Wheels Forza & Track Day are now available at Wheel Collectors…”

  1. The Alfa is eye catching and is obviously the best of the bunch. I'll take'em all actually but the Camaro is my least favorite; I think the Camaro body style needs a complete redesign these days.. compared to the Mustang.
    As far as the Track Day cars, that Datsun is probably the worst version I've seen yet; very mundane. If the wheels were chrome steelies instead of dark grey, it would wake it up! At least give it the wheels from the Chevelle at least.. better yet, the Alfa wheels!!!

  2. Not an Alfa collector, so if I find them at all, it'll just be the Gallardo for me. The 935 is just such a neat looking car that, again, if I do find it at all, I'll grab one. The 510, oh why bother thinking it will even stay on the pegs.

    I say all this as someone who had to go to 6 different major stores to find even one with the BRAT.

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