A rural town grocery store stop makes for a $uper night…

I have said it before, but I am very much in the “random find’ group of collectors.  I like the looks of a lot of Super Treasure Hunts, but what is most fun about them is the idea of randomly coming across a Super during my regular routine.

I have no problem with the overnight pallet raiders.  Anyone willing to spend their nights hitting multiple Walmarts, knowing that the majority of visits will be fruitless, deserves a bounty every once in awhile.  For me, I like the stories around the unexpected find, coupled with the excitement around finding the $uper.

That happened last night.  I am in Moab for some meetings, and after dinner with a couple of good friends, I decided to hit the local grocery store, City Market, on the way home.  It was close to 11 at night, and the store was essentially empty.  City Market is a Kroger chain, and I had seen dump bins in the seasonal section before, so I headed over.

I found two bins, with that fresh look that only a collector can recognize.  Cards crisp, lined up 3-by-3 like they were dumped from a case.  I decided to flip on my Facebook Live feed, and the video will tell the rest.

My first multiple Super find in a very long time, and they were essentially right next to each other.  After stopping the video, I did find another standard Batmobile as well as another Regular Treasure Hunt.  And just under all the J Case cards there were some pretty mangled old cards.

I my guess is three cases were dumped, and each case only had one Batmobile, whether a Super or not.  I think I did well.  My tally for 2016 so far?  A Dodge Daytona at a small town Walmart, an Acura NSX at a small town Dollar Tree, a BMW at a small town Walmart, a Ford GT at a small town Walmart, and these Batmobiles at a small town City Market.  Sense a pattern?

I LOVE the random find…

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  1. very nice! i guess i would take all 3 not sure what i would do with a 3rd one one to open and 2 to keep unopened i guess i would open one without question

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