Pure Art: Hot Wheels Pop Culture Star Wars has been released…

Hot Wheels Pop Culture Batch F Star Wars at Wheel Collectors

I DLM.  I liberate almost everything.

But Pop Culture Star Wars?  Ok, I will open them for a feature here, but let’s just call it a service for me readers.  I think it would be very hard to open these.  The models are nice, the card art should be on a wall.  Under a spotlight.  With people with their hands behind their backs looking on intently.

Pop Culture takes a different approach than other Hot Wheels lines.  More expensive, not terribly realistic, with a hint of nostalgia.  So always expect interesting card art.  This Star Wars art is as good as I have ever seen on a card.  We are all familiar with the images, but done in such a cool way.

Wheel Collectors just got this set in today.  Sure, the A100 will attract some, as will the Supervan.  But man these models are so secondary.  But the set is so worth having.  You can find it here:

Hot Wheels Pop Culture Batch F Star Wars at Wheel Collectors

I will showcase the models when I get them, so you can see what they look like out of the package.  Hopefully that satisfies any curiosity, and you can keep these intact.  Aren’t I a hero for doing that?

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  1. I just feel many of these castings get wasted in this series. I love that the Rolling Thunder returned but hate it has only been in pop culture. The Ford Transit Super Van had one of the best casting debuts and now sadly reduced to this series for the next two releases. Bronco hasn't had a “normal” release since the 4 Garage series releases. Same with the A100. And the Chrysler has only the Boulevard release looking classy. While I do enjoy some of these themed sets, as a whole i hate how many of these castings are relegated to pop culture.

  2. I always appreciated Ralph McQuarrie's art, that inspired many of the scenarios we eventually saw in the Star Wars movies. Putting his art on Hot Wheels is is interesting. To me it is like putting Picasso or Andy Warhol on Hot Wheels vehicles. For this time, never mind the cars, it is about the art. So I might make an exception here and buy the whole set just for the significance of the art on them.

  3. I see a lot of the Star Trek, as well as previous Star Wars releases, hanging around, dangling for 'good homes'.
    The Super Hero, Star Wars lines are getting quite redundant. Don't get me wrong, I can't wait to check out the card art because I think it looks great.
    But, Mattel should assess retail stores to plainly see what sells and what hangs.
    I think there should be special lines for vehicles like the recent Magnus Walker Porsche but have neat examples like the Hennessey Venom GT, the Icon Bronco, Eagle Jaguar, Singer Porsche… you get the point!

  4. Like some here, I never understood Pop Culture at all. What's the point of having a character or a scene of a movie or TV Show on a miniature? Although this collection here is nonsense, more Star Wars, again, the models may not be everyones favorite, but at least the models aren't that bad.
    The reason for this post, sorry if it already exists, should the the Star Wars planets set which consists of just a tampo of the name of the planet on a generic casting, those have “better cards than models” and the cards don't contain any piece of art, just a generic representation.

  5. I have to say, these kinds of cars are great donors if you need wheels for a project.
    For example.. the DC Comics Batman Pop Culture '34 DODGE DELIVERY BUS is a great source for Real Rider 5 Spokes!

  6. Late reply but… well… I understand, and agree. I don't do customs myself, but I like some of the castings that appear mostly on these series. Some have a nice color, a nice wheel, but just the tampo is the problem, then there would happen the custom. Retro Entertainment and Pop Culture are quite expensive here in Brazil, I have bought few of each, for the model, but taking the color scheme and wheels in consideration. In recent case of the Pop Culture like the Star Trek, Bus, Transit and Baja, all I would wipe off are the faces on the sides, but I'm afraid of screwing up.

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