Matchbox 2017 Preview: Subaru WRX STI Police, Jeep Gladiator, and brand new wheels…

Well that was a weekend.  JCCS was fantastic, and it was cool meeting so many of you.  A couple of things I took away from the event.  One, I need to ask who you are.  Things get so busy and I am sure there were a ton of you I have communicated with over Facebook or Instagram in the past, but didn’t know a face.  So, if you are going to the Hot Wheels Convention in a couple of weeks, let’s make sure we meet.  Maybe we should find a little gathering place to all meet each other?

Second thing, I know there were a few of you who were at the Japanese Classic Car Show who wanted the Skyline and didn’t get one.  This was a joint venture with Nissan and there were a lot of lessons learned.  I think the event was fantastic, and all involved would love to do it again.  If I am part of this again I will make sure everyone – meaning our readers – knows all the details ahead of time.  This first run was great, but it can be better.  JCCS is such a great event, and I hope Matchbox makes this a tradition.

So let’s put that to bed and get back to geeking out about toy cars.  I still have a few Matchbox Previews from the photos I took at the Gathering in July, so that is what I am covering today.  I also have a few other 2017 previews coming up this week, including two completed Matchbox castings for ’17, as well as the Toy Fair 6×6.  Not to mention a Hot Wheels case unboxing, some M2(!), Tomica Limited Vintage, Majorette, and more.  Lots to do.

But let’s get back to Matchbox.  Two more 3D prints of upcoming models, the Subaru WRX STI Police and Jeep Gladiator.  I usually try to find a link between these two, and other than the fact that they are new and licensed, I couldn’t find any.  Actually both are replicas of pretty adventurous vehicles, so we can run with that.

The STI is most welcome.  Of course the Impreza Police was released in 2007, and we have seen several versions since (even with a long gap because of some licensing snafu around 2008-2010), but I am happy with a new version of this gem every few years.  It is a legit police car in many areas, and it ALWAYS looks cool.  And I am fine with the police version.

The Gladiator?  I am softening to Jeep.  Jeep has never been my thing, but the Willys 4×4 from a couple of years ago is one I really like, and there is no way I can ignore how awesome classic Jeeps like the Wagoneer really are.  The Gladiator is new, and it fits great into that Jeep vibe.

But the most significant detail about the Jeep is the debut of new off-road wheels.  I don’t know what they are called, but they are new.  These are early prototypes, so we will see how they look in a finished state once the Gladiator is released.

So in 2017 the push to realism continues.  Between a 510 Rally, BMW i3, Camaro Convertible, Merc 6×6, and on and on, we see a nice variety too.  Should be a cool year.

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  1. Given the spare tyre on its left side, and Matchbox is now complied with so called “four-piece-component rule”, does it mean the new Jeep Gladiator will have no interior and the window will be dark?

  2. Why the hell did they make the Subaru a police car? I do not like this. And the light bar is part of the window meaning we can't even remove it, detampo it and make a street version ourself. WHY U DO THIS MATCHBOX??? And that spare wheel on the Jeep ruins the lines. Otherwise that casting is fantastic. So all in all, two very awesome models ruined by tiny little things. At least we still got the 6×6 and Camaro, right?

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