Case Report: Opening a 2017 Hot Wheels A Case…

3……2……1…..HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

Find that significant other and give them a smooch, because 2017 is here.  It may not involve Ryan Seacrest, a lit apple, and a ton of lit folks, but Hot Wheels 2017 is here.  (Of course, if you talk to the folks who actually WORK at Hot Wheels, they will tell you 2018 has already arrived.)

Nonetheless, here we are.  Wheel Collectors just unloaded a pallet of 2017 Batch A and has just listed it:

Hot Wheels 2017 Batch A at Wheel Collectors

And as always, they grabbed a case randomly and gave us a case report, 3-by-3.  Cases don’t have a theme, but if this one did, it would be entertainment.  KITT returns, and Batch A is the debut of a Halo car and the Charger from the last Fast & Furious movie.  Lots of other neato models as well.


(Oh, and as occasionally happens, we get to play “Spot the Error”!  Can you spot the error?)

There is some good stuff in this case.  Some very interesting new models – Mustang for me, Entertainment for many of you – and a lot of nice recolors.  A few holdovers from the 2016 Q Case as well.

The Regular TH is not a surprise:

The Super is the Chevy II, although it wasn’t found in this case.

Matt at WC did let me know they did find two other models in other cases, the white Cadillac Elmiraj and VW Golf MK7, which marks its basic debut after showing first in Car Culture.

What do you think?

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  1. To be honest, I dont think much about that case at all. The only one that even looks interesting is the Pink Chevy II with the flames down the side. The rest will all be passed on by me……

    Keep the reviews coming! Love the site.

    When are you going to do the casting of the day again?

    I would still like to see you do that white Hot Wheels BMW M3 Corgi casting. I has to be one of the most under rated castings of ALL time…..



  2. Honestly, I think it's a lot like the '16 P and Q cases. Still lots of fantasy cars! Me don't likey that part! Sure, there's some gems (KITT, Mustang Convertible, Fast and Furious Charger, '63 Chevy II, etc.) but the rest are either carryovers or downright ugly fantasy cars!

    Mattel needs to lay off these fantasy castings! All they do is warm the pegs at every store while the licensed castings get gobbled up immediately! It's obvious that the kids don't want them which is the main reason they make them in the first place (not meaning to be hypocritical since adults can collect them too) The only reason they sell is when the children's parents or grandparents are walking down the Hot Wheel aisle just cherry-picking cars to buy them for special occasions. There's no sentimental value in them!

    It would be great to see nothing but licensed castings come from both Hot Wheels and Matchbox in the future. But they're never not going to make fantasy cars, since there's still a demographic for them. But all you can really do is buy what you like and just ignore the rest.

  3. Hard to spot the error per se as not all the card art is shown. That gassing truck lost its axle last year and the card art finally caught up to the change, but as far as the 55 gasser, it could be the wheel combo is meant to do that??? I miss the days of few errors(seems they happen too often and QC isn't really on top of things), but this mismatching of wheels by HW is not as cool to me as others apparently. If I had my preferences, we could ask HW to make a WHEEL assortment similar to what M2 diecast did, but then they would have to make HW with screws and not spun “rivets” etc, It gets messy, but most any base line car looks really cool sporting RR tires and wheels, take the last few STHs for examples.

  4. Funny that I've already seen (and bought) the majority of cars in this case from Asda in the UK – normally we're months behind the US. Have they been put on sale early in error?
    I really want that Dodge Charger, Lil' Red truck, 180SX and KITT.

  5. Just picked up many of these and MORE surprises at my local Coles supermarket in Australia. Fairlady 2000, VW Golf Mk7, Porsche 993 GT2 (orange), Dodge Viper SRT10 ACR (light blue), '15 Dodge Challenger (silver), and Custom '01 Acura Integra GSR. All are stamped with J34 manufacture code and appear to be from Case B … which I didn't think was out yet.

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