Looks like the Matchbox Land Rover Series has hit US Walmarts…

Usually I pass along news as I hear it from Lamley Readers.  Looks like I got the scoop myself this time.  (Of course that is until one of you tells me you found these three weeks ago and I should follow you on Instagram!!)

I walked into a Walmart this morning, and after a dig through a Zamac bin, and rummaging through some very full Hot Wheels pegs, I moseyed over to the Matchbox section to see this lone Land Rover Discovery hanging.

That is all I saw.  My guess is all the rest were purchased, but this is the first I have heard of Land Rover being found in the States.  So…anyone else been lucky?

The Land Rover Series is a fantastic follow up to the Jeep Series, and hopefully a sign of more to come.  I will be previewing two more special series shortly, and things look good, but nothing can beat this Land Rover set.

So, go hit Walmart, and let me know what you find…

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  1. Just now I am finally finding these in Walmarts in the St. Louis and Central Missouri area. Usually in cardboard display cases at the ends of aisles. Finally! I have been waiting a long time for them to appear.

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